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Interesting Amish traditions

Many residents of megalopolises at least once in their lives wanted to live somewhere in a remote rural area and forget about the bustle of the city, the endless blinking of the laptop screen, mobile phone calls. And someone lives from the very birth without the Internet, without the metro and restaurants, and indeed without electricity and all sorts of benefits of the current society. Amazingly, there are such people. And this is Amish.

Amish is a movement of supporters of Jacob Amman (a cleric from Switzerland who moved to Germany in the 19th century). The course appeared back in 1693, however, due to persecution, the Amish left Europe for America. Today, North America ranks first in the number of Amish. In addition, a number of Amish communities live in Canada. The family is supposed to have about 5-7 children, it is a custom, therefore their number reaches 300 thousand people.

Like any community, they have their own customs and traditions peculiar exclusively to their people. Here are some of them:

1. Bundling is a custom according to which newlyweds are obliged to spend the night together for a period of time, but not to touch each other.Their bed is double, though with a partition that divides it into two places. Now, this is an unusual phenomenon, however, there is a banding in a form where a lady spends the night in a bag in which her mother places. In the morning, the mother looks to the bag was in the same place and the young man did not touch his wife.

2. Ordnung (“must be order”) - conditions accepted by the elders for persuasion. This is not only spiritual, but also general civil laws. Their foundation is the Bible.

3. Work.

Everything is done manually or with the help of livestock. Often these are horses. Despite the complexity and painstaking execution, all Amish baked goods are the most appetizing in the states.

4. Clothing and image.

Surprisingly, Amish gloves, sneakers, ties, belts are completely prohibited! The style corresponds to their ideology. Women do not use cosmetics, do not wear jewelry. All dresses should be uniform in color, without buttons, all in one style, so that one woman does not feel greatness and superiority over the other. Even the wedding dress is sewn without excesses so that the very next day it can be put on work.

Men should grow a beard, but mustaches are not allowed by the law.Surprisingly, they do not serve in the army, moreover, the guys never hold a weapon in their hands. Throughout their history, they never fought.

5. Prohibitions.

Amish is forbidden to fly on an airplane, use a computer, radio, take photographs, and also wear engagement rings and watches on his arm.

6. Education.

In Amish school is one class (small room) in which children from 7 to 15 years of age study. Their teacher is a girl of about 15, who herself recently completed a course of study. Children are explained solely by the fact that in the future they will need on farms: geometry, botany, zoology.

7. Without electricity.

People of this religion almost do not use electricity. They think that the wires connect them with people from another world, and this objects to their religion. Nevertheless, they use electric current as needed. Refrigerators, cash in stores work, of course, from electricity.

8. Closely related relationships.

Amish from America appeared from 200 families. No wonder that this caused huge problems with closely related marriages. They have children with genetic diseases, so they die early.

9. Create your own destiny.

Any teenager has a choice: live in a family according to the laws of their religion, or leave her forever, build their own destiny and never see their relatives.

How attractive, unique, sometimes incomprehensible and surprising reality Amish in our opinion. Why are they so popular in today's world? Industrialization, urbanization, engineering - is certainly the engine of progress, but not the generator of happiness. Amish are far from this technical variety and feel happy people much more than a native of a big city. Therefore, we are interested in paying attention to such people. They live in a world that is completely different from ours.

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