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Indispensable behavior of kindergarten staff

Hello. I have such a problem. In kindergarten my child who is only 2 years 10 months. they consider a riotous and unbalanced child that there are only problems from him, he does not listen to anyone, the head of the garden insisted on going through a psychologist and a neurologist; Doctors assured me that there is nothing terrible. Thus, the manager does not let us into the kindergarten and requires me to sit in the garden and watch myself for the child or hire a person who will do this. What should I do and how?
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Answered on April 1, 2016 20:11
Present her with documents from doctors proving that your child is fine. She has no right to deprive your child of kindergarten. These are all just words - let him give a written explanation in this case, contact him with the prosecutor in this case.

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