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In fact: shop-studio AnJ Style

Co-founder of the Moscow shop-studio AnJ Style Eugene Rozhok told in an exclusive interview with Woman’s Day how to open a successful business based on their own needs, understand the basics of design and bring your project to self-sufficiency in just six months.

“Being busy people and mothers, my friend and I constantly faced the problem of buying quality clothes quickly and for reasonable money. Most of the stores are overwhelmed with China with their curves and synthetics, from which the hair is on end, the rest are pseudo-European brands at simply cosmic prices. ”

How it all began

Evgenia Rozhok, co-founder of the studio AnJ Style
Evgenia Rozhok, co-founder of the studio AnJ Style
Photo: AnJ Style

“We thought: is it really impossible to sew a thing from a good fabric without running around the atelier and shops. After all, this is simply no time, no strength! Now a woman should keep up everywhere: work, home, children, husband - and at the same time look fashionable! When to find time for it?

The idea that even in a crisis a woman should be able to buy a beautiful and high-quality thing, did not let go.In January 2015, my friend and I decided to open an online shop-studio, one that would be a lifesaver for many. I am a former advertiser, my friend is an economist. Why not? The initial capital amounted to 200 thousand rubles, which paid off in six months. ”


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