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In China, the 100-kilometer traffic jam is already nine days

In China, a huge traffic jam with a length of 100 km. Of course, it’s still far from the size of the Chinese wall, but still this size is a record.
Traffic jam in China
More than 10 thousand trucks for the ninth day are in a traffic jam on the route Beijing - Tibet.
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The difficulty in movement on one of the key state highways Beijing - Tibet arose nine days ago. The traffic jam was the result of the influx of heavy-duty bulky transport trucks that were traveling to Beijing. It is unlikely that in such a large cluster of cars you can see the new products that representatives of the auto industry will present at the international exhibition in Moscow. Even more problems were added to drivers by builders who are repairing the roadway. Also, the condition of the congestion is constantly aggravated due to regular accidents and car breakdowns. More than 20 million people in Beijing are waiting for the delivery of goods that are stuck in this huge road collapse.

On the other hand, such a large traffic jam, stretching from the suburbs of Beijing to the city of Jining, benefited the locals. They launched an active sale of water and food for stuck drivers. It must be said that the prices of products are quite high, it greatly angered car owners. To avoid problems, the situation in traffic is monitored by about 400 police officers.

Drivers very much hope that by September the road condition will improve, repairs will end, andthe amount of water in the lanes will decrease due to heavy rainsand they will get to their destination. In the meantime, to pass the time, they play cards and chess.

Interestingly, Beijing ranks second in the list of cities with the most adverse traffic conditions.


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