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Just three teasers "Game of Thrones", do not miss

HBO channel has shared new teasers of the sixth season of Game of Thrones, the main serial blockbuster. From the short clips, still nothing is clear, but everything looks ominous, anxious and unpredictable - everything, as we love. In the video, against the background of the bloody sky, flags of three houses of Westeros — the Lannisters, Starkovs, and Targaryens — flutter, and behind the scenes they whisper voices: “The Lannisters have weakened; Come and see for yourself personally, "" Daenerys is nothing. It is an empty place. ” Learned? It is not the evil ghosts that whisper, but those who need to be afraid no less than the White Walkers - His Sparrow, Ramsey Bolton and Dothraki.


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