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If your child swears with a mat - do not rush to sound the alarm!

If your child swears with a mat - do not rush to sound the alarm!Many in modern society have come to terms with the idea that mate has become an integral part of colloquial speech. Recently, the problem of children, which is replenishing its vocabulary with not quite decent expressions, is very acute. Many parents do not know how to wean a child to cuss. To begin with, you need to understand the root cause of the foul-mouthed.
When children under five say bad words, many parents feel a certain awkwardness and even shame. You should not panic, because at that age they do not understand what they are saying, repeating the words they heard once (parents do not always serve as examples). They could pick up these words on a walk, in transport, from the TV.

What to do when the child first uses the mat?

In the first case of the use of a bad word by a child, it is not necessary to focus on this; most likely, after a certain time, he will simply forget it.If the kid continues to repeat, then with a calm voice and extremely lucidly try to explain that this is ugly. Otherwise, the child can adopt this word as a way to attract your attention.
Parents will not have to wrestle with how to disaccustom a child to foul if they watch their speech carefully. It is naive to believe that the child does not hear anything. He focuses precisely on the moments of emotional outbursts, when one of the parents may be allowed a swear word.If your child swears with a mat - do not rush to sound the alarm!
Children as young as five years old begin to understand the meaning of spoken words. And when they use obscene words, they understand what they are doing. This can be, like an unskillful attempt to throw out the accumulated anger, and one of the ways to attract the attention of adults or their circle of contacts.
Negative emotions at this age are normal. And it is the parents who should tell their child how to express them correctly. Advise him to replace obscene expressions with “you did a bad thing,” “you shouldn’t do that”, “you didn’t do it wrong”. These words will be both a sign of protest, and a signal to you that you have done something wrong.In the case of the smallest offense, try the most accessible to explain to the child what exactly he is wrong.If your child swears with a mat - do not rush to sound the alarm!
Give your child enough time. Ask what he did during the day, whether there are new acquaintances, what books you read in kindergarten or school. Attentive, persuasive, loving parents will always find a way to wean a child from mats.
In adolescence, your child spends more time with friends and may begin to imitate his older comrades. The child, due to the increasing responsibility and new responsibilities, will try to isolate himself with obscene language. These words, of course, can disappear from his vocabulary, if you have raised your child well. You just need to wait, sometimes making unobtrusive comments about the words used.

How to wean a child to swear?

As already mentioned, you can not blame for bad words and react violently (including smiling and laughing), since it will not work to disaccustom the child from the mat in this way. And even more so do not use abusive words in response.If your child swears with a mat - do not rush to sound the alarm!
Use penalties (not physical), such as giving up a computer, mobile phone, book, or favorite dish.And for every new expletive word, increase the power of punishment. This will make the child understand that such actions are not permissible for a good person. Of course, he will be able to express obscenities on the street or at school, but there will be a clear realization that this is a bad offense, which his parents do not approve of.


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