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Ideas for making birds from different materials

Birds have always attracted the eyes of others and many are attracted by their ability to fly. Their diversity is simply amazing. For example, swans or storks fascinate with their size and beauty, woodpecker and jay with unusual appearance, owl and crow with severity, and magpies with restlessness. Each has its own character and character! And how many birds, which are not visible, but over long distances you can hear their sonorous singing. It is not surprising that many needlewomen like to depict birds in different techniques. Today we will consider several options for making feathered friends from different materials. From sand. On the grass of a lawn you can make a beautiful composition of colored sand. White dove, with delicate daisies on the contour, looks great on a blue heart.
 Ideas for making birds From iris leaves. This is a magnificent weaving from green leaves of iris. looks unusual.A long tail gives the bird an extra charm.
 Ideas for Making Birds
From the mounting foam. Mounting foam is applied on the basis of an orgalite cut in the shape of a stork. It is easily painted with enamel and preserves the beauty of the appearance for a long time.  Ideas for Making Birds From plastic bottles. Plastic containers are a fertile material for handicrafts. You can cut any shape and paint in all sorts of shades. Such a bright cockerel is obtained from a few bottles only. From feathers. If feathers are carefully collected, then you can make an excellent hand-crafted article that looks just natural. The frame for birds is made of gypsum, which is pasted over with real feathers.
 Ideas for Making Birds
From paper. Ordinary white office paper can be useful for crafts. You just need to circle the palm of the child, cut a lot of such blanks and glue them on a three-dimensional basis.Another dove of peace looks magnificent and majestic.
 Ideas for making birds
From disposable devices. And this soaring dove is made from disposable tableware. The frame is formed from a metal grid on which feathers from disposable spoons and forks are fixed. Original and unusual.
 Ideas for making birds
From a milk bottle. For this little bird you need to take white bottles that sell dairy products. Cut all parts of the body and fasten them with universal glue. You don’t even need to paint.
 Ideas for the manufacture of birds
From fabric. Pomp and texture of crafts can be achieved using a synthetic winterizer and a transparent fabric. Such a bird can be easily sewed by a skilled worker who can work with a sewing machine.
 Ideas for making birds
From dry grass. Someone to make hay for cows and horses, and for needlewomen - is a fertile material for creativity.Such a bird woven from herbs and ears looks not only unusual, but somehow magically.
 Ideas for making birds
From foam. Another fertile material that is easily cut and holds its shape well. Birds from polystyrene look realistic and do not need to spend additional money on their production.
 Ideas for making birds
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Of flowers. The main thing in this craft is a wire frame. And then just fill it with flowers and you get such a mother hen with chickens from threads.
 Ideas for making birds
From hay. This big crane is made from dry grass, and it looks just awesome. It is necessary to mop hay to tie a string and give shape to a bird. It is not often possible to see crafts in this technique.
 Ideas for making birds
These are beautiful birds that can appear on your yard if you make a little effort to make them. [/L_REPEAT]

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