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I remember everything badly help

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Answered on January 28, 2015 10:17
It is necessary to perform regularly various exercises for the development of memory. And still, when you read some material that you need to remember, focus well on it, try to understand it, imagine it in your head .. And you must remember everything) You can retell what you read to someone or yourself, remember even better. Here you can find various exercises and useful tips:
Answered on January 28, 2015 14:55
It depends on what you mean. if dates, you can keep a calendar or notepad. If the material is in school, then it is necessary to properly understand the material. what is not understood is usually not remembered. if you are good at something, it's hard not to remember. For example, at school I always read a paragraph on history, but I could never remember, let alone retell, (and the teacher thought that I had not read). The note taking method helped me. those. I read and in parallel sketched a summary for myself: using symbols, drawings, wrote significant words. In order not to forget about all sorts of events and household needs, you can simply keep a notebook, carry it with you everywhere and write down: "visit to the doctor, throw Masha on a flash drive film, buy milk, etc.". To-do list such.

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