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I dreamed of a dead grandmother.

I had a dream of my dead grandmother and told me my future. Why do grandmothers even dream, and is it possible to believe in such a prediction?
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Anna Ivanova
������������Anna Ivanova
������������Answered on December 4, 2014 15:50
Oh, this is a very interesting point! I heard a lot of different stories, like for example - dreams of death, or of serious illness, in general, nothing good. But I tend to believe in more optimistic forecasts. For example, I heard that the dead dream of themselves to: 1. fulfillment of secret desires; 2. help in a difficult situation; 3. before significant changes in life; 4. to change the weather. Everyone chooses what to believe him! And about the future .. You know, I would advise you not to rely 100% on this information as a prediction. Just Keep this in mind, can this drawing of the future help you make the right choice!
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Just Kate
������������Just Kate
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They say that deceased relatives dream about something to warn. It is necessary to pay attention to what your grandmother says in a dream.
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Sweet tooth)))))
������������Sweet tooth)))))
������������Answered on March 30, 2016 19:58
I have a dream book and it says: a warning: you must stand up to some test, maybe even a loss.

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