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Hello. I want to ask you, as a specialist, at what age is it better to start a sex life for a man? What is more useful with yourself or with a girl? How many times a week or a month? And how to remove the complex? (Is it true that before the wedding is better not to start)?


No general recommendations. There are those that will suit you. Self-satisfaction is a natural and enjoyable process, it is important for keeping yourself in good shape. But there is a nuance - doing it, you usually try to speed up the process of discharge. With this you develop a reflex at a minimum stimulation for a speedy orgasm. And in a relationship with a girl, such a strategy will lead to the fact that she will remain unsatisfied, since the girl needs more affection, foreplay and process in general.

The age of 18-19 years is optimal for the beginning of sexual life, but you need to understand the responsibility and use the means of protection. And let it happen to you because of mutual love and attraction.

a guest25.04.17 11:44

Of course, it is possible and necessary before the wedding))) if it does not contradict your religious beliefs

You asked two identical questions, answered you in another topic

Well, here it will start as it will, in our time it all happens earlier.


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