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How to weave from wire

Clamp one end of the rod in a vice, grease it with petroleum jelly and make a slot at the end. Insert end into slotwireand start tightly winding the wire around the rod in a spiral, pressing the coils against each other.
After braiding, cut the winding with a hacksaw on the metal along the axis of the rod. You will receive a set of little rings, which will be links in the chain. Similarly, you can make links of two and three turns.wire.
Divide the resulting number of rings into two parts - half of the rings close by using pliers, and half open the edges. Connect open rings with closed alternately, forming a common chain. To make the links not round, but oblong, wind the wire on two rods, clamped in a vise next to each other.
To make a decorative and beautiful lace chain, make links in the form of eights, winding wire on two cylindrical rods, between which there is a small distance into which you can pass the wire.
To make your product from steelwireit has become even more beautiful, you can give it a noble black tint with the help of homemade crows.

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