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How to weave a braid with a ribbon?

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How to weave a braid with a ribbon?

In the past, ribbons were woven into mostly schoolgirls on September 1 in junior classes. But times are changing, and now the ribbon in her hair is a fashion accessory for many girls and girls of different ages. Today we consider several options for weaving braids with ribbon.

How to weave a braid with a ribbon: ways

Before we talk about how you can make a pigtail with a ribbon in different ways, we’ll give you three tips for choosing a ribbon for a braid.

  • If you have long hair, the tape should also be long enough - at least 1-1.5 m.
  • Correctly choose the tape width: if the hair is thick, then the tape will fit wider, if it is liquid or not large enough, take the tape already.
  • Pick a ribbon color. If you want to tape only gave a bit of sophistication and raisin hairstyle, choose a neutral color or tonal hair. If you want a more spectacular hairstyle, take a bright ribbon, contrasting hair.

And now a few simple ways to weave a ribbon into a braid:

  • Everyone knows the option - it is a tape in a conventional braid.Place the tape under the scythe at its base. Divide the hair into three strands and add one end of the ribbon to the two of them. Now braid the braid, as usual, the ribbon will be interspersed beautifully with the strands. Then tie a ribbon at the tip.
  • You can braid two high spikelets or two French braids, then take a thin ribbon and, gently threading it alternately into the strands in the braids, connect the braids of a peculiarSpit
  • There is also a way to weave a French braid with a ribbon. In the same way you can weave a braid with a ribbon in several strands. Divide hair into strands. The initial strand on which you will put the next, tie a ribbon. Now place the next strand on top and encircle it with both ends of the ribbon. You can tie for the fortress on one knot. Then take the next strand in the spit and also wrap it around on both sides, fix it again, then take the next strand and follow the same algorithm. Make the braid weaker to make it more lush. The result will be approximately.

A braid with a ribbon can be woven completely differently: you can both weave the ribbon along the braid as you like, and weave the finished braid and then carefully pass the ribbon through it as you see fit.


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