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How to wear jeans

"Low-slung." These jeans have been popular for many years. This model should be only slightly lowered below the navel line so that while you do not look vulgar. In this case, you do not need a belt. To create a hippie look, the perfect option is a low-rise flared jeans.
“Motocross” is an image for a young and self-confident cosmopolitan resident of a big city. For him you will need a top of medium length, a pair of narrow jeans and a cropped jacket. Here it is very important that the jeans fit the figure tightly and sit at the same time clearly at the waist.
"Pastel shades". In light jeans, the girl will always look original and fresh. You can wear models of pastel shades with a cream or white top. And if you want to stand out by all means, create a contrast - a dark top and a light bottom. Try to choose jeans with a medium fit.
"Bent inside." It is always elegant and simple. Jeans usually tuck in or hem when they are great.Their length, you can adjust depending on the shoe, be it ballet flats or high-heeled shoes.
"Streychevy". This is one of the easiest ways to create a seductive, alluring look. You can wear jeans of this style with anything you want - a t-shirt, tunic, cardigan. It is also allowed to be slightly gathered at the ankles.
"Narrow". These jeans have most fashionistas. This is a great alternative to skirts for those who like to show off their slim long legs. Skinny jeans properly worn with ankle boots and high-heeled shoes. In addition, you can fill them in boots.
"With a high landing." This model will be perfectly combined with a tucked blouse or shirt. Such an image implies a classic, which is always relevant. Extravagant shoes and bright details will be out of place here.
"Baggy." This model will appeal to lovers of unusual cut and shabby denim. She will allow you to look elegant and at ease. Yes, and you can carry with it anything.
Faded. If you have not worn such jeans before, but you want to follow fashion trends, you will wear jeans with a “scuff” on the hips. The most important thing here is the perfect fit.


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