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How to wear a scarf with a coat

A scarf tied with taste will add sophistication to style, and on a cold day it will also warm you. Its main purpose is to protect the neck and chest from penetration behind the collar of cold air and from the wind.
You do not know how to wear a scarf with a coat? After reviewing the various options for knitting a scarf, you probably hang in the closet a bored down jacket and get a coat - a sample of elegance and style. So, here are just a few ways to properly tie a scarf.
Single knot. He is the easiest. For him, the scarf should not be too thick. Tie a scarf in this way can be a warm day, and if you need to warm slightly. The knot is tied like this: put a scarf around the neck so that one end of it is longer than the other. Longer wrap around the neck, straighten, while covering the upper part of the chest. And throw loose ends back.
Free single knot. Such a knot is largely a tribute to fashion, because when it is set up it is very difficult to warm up.You will even look a bit adventurous, combining a scarf tied in this way with a short coat. The knot is tied as a simple single, only it is not so tightly drawn in, which gives your appearance a slight negligence.
Paris knot. Today it has become almost universal. To tie it, take a scarf with both hands, fold it in half lengthwise, then wrap around your neck, and thread loose ends into the loop, then tighten it a little. If it's cold outside, you can hide the ends of the scarf inside.
Double knot. Very similar to Parisian, but on cold days it will be more appropriate. If you like the Parisian knot, you will easily tie this one too. But you have to lower the coat collar, because the double knot is a very large knot. It is tied like this: put a scarf around your neck so that one end is much longer than the other. Wrap the long end twice around the neck, but not too tight. You will immediately feel the difference.


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