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How to vary the diet before chemotherapy

More recently, the diagnosis "" sounded like a sentence. Today, they have learned to fight this disease quite successfully, largely due to chemotherapy. But such treatment has, in particular, weakening of appetite, loss of taste, dryness and a metallic taste in the mouth. But a healthy and nutritious diet plays a huge role during the treatment period, so in this case, before the onset of side effects, you can try to diversify the diet before chemotherapy.

The importance of good nutrition

If the duration of radiation therapy is only about a month, then chemotherapy with small interruptions can last a year or more. If during this period the patient eats irrationally and unsatisfactorily, this will significantly reduce the effectiveness of the treatment and set up a pessimistic mood. As practice shows, the organism of patients who eat rationally and in a balanced way,it is better to resist side effects, so this issue should be given special attention and try to balance the energy from food with consumed energy, as well as meet the needs of your body in a certain amount and quality of nutrients.

What should be present in the diet

Diversify the diet before chemotherapy can be protein products - beans, peas, nuts and soy products. In the daily diet of a cancer patient, there must be eggs, liver, beef, pork, poultry and fish. These products contain not only protein, but also vitamins of group B, which are so necessary for the patient to maintain a normal vital activity of the body. Chemotherapy detrimental effect on the work of all internal organs and systems, in particular the gastrointestinal tract. Sour-milk products such as kefir, ryazhenka, cottage cheese, yogurt and the like help to solve this problem in many ways. The food of this group contains many vitamins, calcium and protein. It is necessary at least once a day to eat a piece of cheese or half a pack of cottage cheese, drink a glass of kefir or milk. In between meals eat ice cream.
Fruits and vegetables are useful to eat both raw and boiled, and baked. Citrus, rich in vitamin C, must be present on the table every day. Chemotherapy often causes constipation, so before admission to the hospital it is worthwhile to diversify your diet with grated beets and carrots, as well as sauerkraut and dried fruits - dried apricots, prunes and the like. Grain products and cereals will help provide the body with the necessary amount of carbohydrates.

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