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How to use the program "Telegram"


How to download and activate Telegram

To start using the free telegram utility, it must be downloaded and installed on a computer or smartphone. It is desirable to download from the official site telegram.org, but in this case the version will be in English, you will have to Russify yourself. There is no desire to bother, you can find the Russified version on the Internet.

To activate, you must enter the phone number to which the message with the code will come. After the registration process is complete, the service will be available for use.

You need to go to the settings, the camera icon in the upper left corner, tick the checkboxes in front of the necessary options. Upload a photo, fill out a profile, familiarize yourself with the functions of the application:

- writing and sending messages;

- attachment to message files;

- creating your own channel;

- the creation of secret and simple chat rooms;

- the creation of the Group.

Having studied all the functions, you will understand what opportunities are opening up for you.

How to use the functions "Telegram"

There are excellent bots on Telegram, with their help you can follow the information update, play games, solve some of your everyday tasks. For example, a culinary bot will help you choose a recipe for the ingredients you enter.

Finding bots and subscribing to their feeds is easy. In the search box, hammer, for example, “Robot Anton”, “Culinary bot”, BROBOT, BotFather, these bots will appear in the channel list panel. Manage bots with commands messages.

It is possible to create a channel and use it to inform friends about updates to their social networks, keep a blog on it, scroll the updates from any site. It is possible to share publications with Telegram users. Unfortunately, posts can only be read, there is no possibility to comment, ask questions.

In the messenger you can communicate as one on one with a person, so with a group of persons. In the settings, specify "create a group", select the users you want to add. You can become a member of the group by invitation only. The group limit is 5 thousand people.

Noteworthy option "secret chats."The function allows you to communicate in a completely secure mode, information is available only to the participants of the dialogue, the special cannot be decrypted. services can not be stolen, as it is automatically deleted immediately after reading.

For any reason you can’t or don’t want to install an extra program on your gadget, you can use the Telegram web version in Russian web.tlgrm.ru.


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