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How to use Cheat Engine?

September 5, 2012
How to use Cheat Engine?

A huge variety of computer games released in the course today. List all is not possible. And these games vary, from the most primitive and simple to play, to the most complex, requiring special skills and knowledge skills. By the way, among these very knowledge, awareness of how to use the Cheat Engine program is also useful. Even the most avid gamers can face the difficulties of passing the game, but the matter is just a drop of money, a drop of life, a drop of time, etc. Just a bit is not enough, here to add. This program Cheat Engine. How to use, videos on the Internet will show. We will talk and explain in words about her.

Cheat Engine: the essence of the program

And the point is to introduce cheat codes (or simply “cheats”) in order to add (in a somewhat fraudulent way) to yourself the drop of game money, time or life that is so necessary for the passing game. This program is a kind of hacking of a game, that is, the program provides access to the "internal" data of another program or game.And cheats exist for a variety of games: WoW, CS, CSS (Counter-Strike and Counter-Strike Source - for beginners).

To understand how to use Cheat Engine cheat, you need to install this program on your computer, the benefit of the Internet now allows you to do this fairly quickly and completely free of charge. By the way, the installation of this program is also quite simple. If you are a true gamer, you will understand exactly.

How to use Cheat Engine: instructions

Of course, the Cheat Engine interface is somewhat more complicated than, for example, the same ArtMoney, however, the principle of use is practically no different from it and other programs of this category of orientation.

Let's see how to use Cheat Engine cheat for money.

  • Well, first you should download the Cheat Engine program and install it on the computer where the game is installed and the cheats for which you need to get.
  • Start your game, turn it off (do not exit!) And launch the Cheat Engine program. In the window that appears, you should find and select the desired process, that is, the one that was used when starting the game.
  • In the upper left corner of the program will blink the computer icon, which should be clicked.
  • After waiting a little, in the special line labeled as "Value" we enter the amount of money we currently have in the game.
  • Next, click the "First scan" button and click on the LMC at the first address that appears, which will appear in the lower table a little later.
  • Go to the desired. Now in the line "Value" we write the amount of money that we would like to receive.
  • Click "New scan" and "Eureka".
  • Everything, we continue the game with the desired amount of money.

This program, as you already understood, can be used not only to increase the money in the game. Other cheats are introduced on the same principle.


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