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How to update Navitel?

Navitel is a program that is suitable for computers and laptops. With it, you can update the maps and programs on the car navigator. This is done automatically. You just need to click a few times with the mouse. The program can be downloaded for free.

Consider how to update Navitel on the navigator. First of all, it is necessary for the routes to be laid correctly, and updates should be carried out regularly. To do this, do the following:

  • Install the Navitel Update Center program on your personal computer.
  • Using USB, connect the navigator to the PC. Internet access should be required. Requires Active Sync connection mode.
  • After that, Navitel Update Center starts.
  • It is necessary to follow simple instructions.

Before updating Navitel, a backup copy of the data is created that will help restore the previous version in case of an unsuccessful update. You can download Navitel for free by going to www.navitel.su.

Navitel Navigator map update

Consider how to update maps Navitel navigator.This can be done using two options.

First option

  • First you need to log in and log into your personal account. In the updates or devices section you can download the new version of the maps.
  • Maps must be selected based on the version of your program Navitel.
  • Next you need to click on the link to download.
  • The file or archive is saved on the computer.
  • When downloading an archive, you need to unzip it, for this you need to right-click on the archive and select the command about extracting files to a folder on your computer. We perform such actions in the case of the zip file extension. If the downloaded file is in nm3 format, go to the next item, according to the instructions.
  • Next you need to connect the device to the computer.
  • The folder with the cards must be cleaned and add a new updated version.
  • Run the program Navitel. If the download does not occur, you need to enter the program menu, find the settings, then other maps and add an atlas, then specify the path to the maps.

Consider the second option, how to update maps Navitel

  • This option is only suitable for devices that have access to the Internet.
  • Launch Navitel and go to the menu. We must find Navitel, then My products.
  • Choose the map for which the update is available and click on its name.
  • You will be automatically prompted to update the map you have selected. Click on the "Yes" that appears on the screen. After that, an update will be made.

Garmin Navigator

Consider how to update Navitel Garmin. This can be done independently by going to the official site of Garmin.ru.

  • Select the item on the free map update, which is located in the maps section. Further, following the instructions, you need to download the program, it determines the type of card and offers to download the necessary update. This process is quite simple, problems should not arise.
  • If you have a very old model card and you have not updated it for a long time, such an update may simply not exist for it. Therefore, you will need to buy a new card.
  • If your Garmin model has a small amount of memory, new maps may not fit in your device’s memory. Such a card can be transferred to an external SD card. The site has instructions for transferring the card.

If you don’t want, or you don’t manage to update the navigator map yourself, you can contact the service center, where the specialists will take the necessary actions within a few minutes.

Updating cards from other manufacturers

For example, in order to update the Texet navigator, you need to understand the navigation software that is installed on the device. These can be Citigid or Navitel programs that exist regardless of the devices. The Navitel website provides instructions, following which you can make everything you need to update. In the same way it is necessary to do with other software manufacturers. If you have any questions and problems, you should contact the experts who will help or at least prompt you the site you need. You can also find updates on the Internet that show through video.

Now you know how to update Navitel. This information will help you to have always fresh maps in your favorite navigator. So you can safely travel to unfamiliar places and not be afraid to get lost. In addition, Navitel warns of signs placed on the roads, this will ensure safety on the road by car. We wish you a good trip.


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