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How to turn a village hut into a dream country house

The family bought the old collapsing village school building and turned it into an amazingly beautiful home for a large family and guests. It took them three years to get this plot, and then another two years to settle down,.

When the house was bought, it looked like this - a view in the summer.

“We went hunting in this area for several years,” says Marina. - There is a very rich land here, many animals - even hares or boars often come to the site. And the people here are interesting, friendly.

- Initially, we were going to buy a small village house, but did not agree with the owners on the price, - continues Maxim. - And once our friend says, they say, let's go, see another. We saw this school and immediately realized that it was ours. Although we drove by so many times, they didn’t even know that there was some kind of building here - everything was so overgrown.

The house was very old, all rotten.I had to lift it with large car jacks and change the lower rims.

And so the house looked winter.

If we knew in advance how much work was to be done, then it would have been easier to demolish and build a new one - in the process of working we would find more and more flaws.

Maxim dismantled the house a year, and then built it for another year: “The house was big, it was rather heavy,” the owner admits. - We saved a lot, we did a lot with our own hands. The roof is ordinary slate, he trimmed the trim from cheap boards. If you look closely, you can find a lot of irregularities and shortcomings. But at the same time, it is all so native that there is no need for another. ”

Now the plot and the house look like.

Maxim consulted with Marina about the new layout of the house, finishing, colors, but for the most part he did everything himself. I had to raise almost all the floors, peeling walls and ceilings. We tried to keep to the maximum what could be left, but practically everything was rotten and needed to be changed.

“They tried to do the finishing in the house as cheap as possible,” says Maxim. - On the floor and walls - the usual edged board, not planed and not even dried. We planed it manually with a plane. Cheaper does not happen.Outside insulated ecowool. However, with all the savings, heating, plumbing and ventilation were done qualitatively. Heating, for example, can be programmed: on weekdays it does not work, it turns on on Friday after lunch and by our arrival in the evening it's already warm, turns off on Monday morning.

There were four old stoves in the house. They were completely disassembled and the gates were laid out of the brick first. The whole family worked on them - the children and even the parents of Marina and Maxim took part. From the remaining brick laid out the gate and a small cellar under the stairs, which they dug themselves. "Maxim came home all dirty, like a chimney sweep."

“First, in the basement, my mother asked me to store apples,” says Marina, “but the smell quickly came from mice. Therefore now we store only canned products there.

1st floor.

Furniture is almost all of IKEA, much has been bought with big discounts on sales.

The largest room on the ground floor is the living room combined with the dining room. On the floor - the old board, which lay in the attic. "She is already 50 years old, so she is very different, but very cool."

- Here only the table and chairs of the Bobruisk furniture factory.They were made for the Netherlands, and we took the leftovers on sale.

The fireplace was made of an open type: Maxim drew a sketch, and the Minsk master made a grid on it. Accessories do not specifically buy: something was transported from the apartment, something was presented by friends, something brought from travel.

The paintings in the house are mostly children's drawings. Marina dreams of having more works by Belarusian artists in the house, “but this later”.

"I still remember how our eldest daughter brought her first drawing from an art school," Maxim says with a smile. - It was some kind of swagger with a flowing violet drop. I ask: “What is it?” - and she answers: “Burachok”.

- Very often guests come to us, - says Marina. - We will not even remember such a weekend, which we would have spent only with our family. As soon as it becomes warm outside, we bring barbecues, deck chairs and blankets to the terrace. In the evening, sometimes you lie down, look at the stars - you wake up at 4 in the morning and go to the house.

From the living room we move into the spacious kitchen.

- Maxim cooks very well, - says Marina. - Including in the oven: it bakes the whole bird, makes khachapuri, cottage cheese, mozzarella, and once even baked bread. Is that the soups in the oven do not cook - do not buy the pot.

"The kitchen is my pride," says Maxim. - I made sketches myself, I ordered it, I chose stone plates. A big table was also made by himself, they just ordered an oak table top. The Russian stove was laid out from scratch - I developed the drawings, and the children then decorated it.

The rest of the furniture in the kitchen is almost all of IKEA, only the table and chairs by the window, the oven is Italian. Homemade hood: "Inside the built-in ready-made mechanism, and outside, Max himself did everything."

“Everything should be visible in the kitchen,” says Maxim. - When you cook, everything you need must be at hand. I, for example, still do not know what is in my closed lockers. I once already stuffed something there and forgot.

Pictures in the kitchen for children: one of them is “mother in the crown”.

On the first floor there is a bedroom of Marina and Maxim, a study and a guest bathroom with a utility room.

In the bedroom there is a small dressing room and a separate bathroom, in which in the future there will also appear a freestanding bathtub with legs.

“I consider the washstand to be a godsend,” says Maxim. - We just ordered the tabletop from slate, and I made the rest from ordinary balusters for stairs, which are sold in any construction market.They just turn upside down - and they turn into legs. If you order such a thing in the original, it will cost at least two thousand at a minimum!

The furniture in the bedroom is also from IKEA. Pictures - children's creativity. And the icon was presented by Marina’s grandmother - she herself lit it in the church of Vilnius, “so she goes with us”.

As soon as the house was equipped, the family lived in it for two years. “But now the children have grown up: someone needs to go to the theater club, someone to the pool, someone to the music school, and it’s still far from the city to carry them.” Therefore, on weekdays, the family lives in the city, and for the weekend comes to the country.

When the family constantly lived in this house, Marina and Maxim often worked in the office. Now there is rather a warehouse - “everything that interferes in other rooms is brought here. New Year's toys have not yet been laid out. ” In addition, in the office a lot of books - they bought something themselves, friends gave something. Maps on the walls left from the previous work.

The guest bathroom on the first floor is designed for children - there are no toilets on the second floor. “There is a big shower here - the girls can even wash together. Yes, and the dog is convenient to bathe. "

While we are going up to the second floor, Maxim says that the layout of the house was thought out on the basis that when the children grow up, they will leave sooner or later and will simply return here to visit. Therefore, the first floor was made for themselves, and the second for girls. “We will live here after a while, and why do we constantly run to the second floor?”

On the second floor, which, by the way, initially did not exist at all, - three rooms and a dressing room.

In this room, additional infrared heating, because there are no radiators. “But thanks to good warming, it’s not cold here. We use fireplaces only when there is a big frost and strong wind - they quickly heat the room. ”

In one of the rooms lives the eldest daughter Masha. The room was conceived as a guest, but the girl is already quite adult, and sometimes "she wants to be alone." When the guests arrive and stay overnight, Masha goes to the nursery.

A dressing room on the second floor looks more like a warehouse - in addition to personal items, skis and various equipment are stored there.

In the nursery for each girl has a separate bed, bedside table, lamp, personal closet. All furniture is also from IKEA.

“Since the second floor is a roofing space, we ourselves assembled a box and specially made niches for shelves and cabinets so that they did not take up space,” says Marina.

The last room on the floor combines several functions: it is a playroom, and a room for lessons, and, on occasion, an additional guest room.

“We always wanted to have a house in the countryside,” say Maxim and Marina. - I didn’t want the children to grow up too urban girls. Here they help us with everything, in 10 years they can easily kindle a fire themselves and flood the stove. Go for mushrooms and berries, they know how to weed strawberries. For us in childhood it was the norm, and now not even all adults know what mushrooms are - for them it is wild.


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