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How to trim metal doors

Recently gaining popularity products with elements of artistic forging. This type of design is not very expensive, but it looks, of course, very impressive and organic in combination with a metal door leaf. Forged parts also look attractive on the wooden surface of the door. Such elements may well serve as accessories: hinges, handle, ring, peephole.
If you choose a door trimmed from MDF panels or solid wood, you can order the execution of intricate carving masters. The cost of such work depends on its complexity. Inexpensive elements are made on a woodworking machine, and complex carving is done manually. Having picked up an original drawing, you will receive an exclusive thing, which you will admire for many years.
Also, the front door can be inlaid with valuable wood species. You can choose the ornament and the color scheme of the elements themselves so that the inner surface of the door is a harmonious set with furniture and decor of the hall.
Using laser cutting, you can decorate a metal surface with a pattern.Popular are the most different patterns that you will definitely show in the photos in the catalog of the company for the production of doors.
Abstract design is well suited for the minimalist form of high-tech style. Classic never went out of fashion. The stylish ornament in the form of a tattoo will emphasize your originality and individuality.
You can decorate the metal door yourself with a special sticker or stencil. Choosing paint, consider the type of the surface of the canvas, so that the tool lay down evenly and for a long time.

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