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How to treat stomach pain

You will need
  • - warm compress;
  • - rice;
  • - ginger;
  • - honey;
  • - painkillers.
The easiest way to combat stomach pain is a warm compress. Prepare a heating pad or a tight bag filled with warm water and attach it to the stomach, heat the compress as needed. Warmly helps to quickly get rid of pain. Do not heat the water too much, the heat of the compress will not allow you to keep it long enough, it will not have time to act when you remove it. Instead of a compress, you can use a hot tub. Take it daily for 20 minutes.
If you are currently experiencing pain in the stomach, you need to reconsider the intake of certain foods. Try to give up any fatty foods, it can be the cause of the poisoning, which caused the pain. Also refuse from alcohol and carbonated drinks, as a rule, they lead to increased pain.
A good way to relieve stomach pain is rice water, it has a calming effect on the stomach membrane. To prepare the broth, pour ½ cup of rice with 2 cups of water and cook it on a slow window. Once the rice is soft, remove it from the heat and let it stand in water for another 3 minutes, then pour the water into the dishes through a sieve. In the cooked broth, you can add a little honey to taste.
Stomach cramps can be caused by tension in the abdominal muscles. To relax them, drink ginger tea, it contains substances (scohol and gingerol) that can fight this problem. Stomach cramps can also be accompanied by nausea, ginger can help to cope with them. To make ginger tea, chop a small piece (1-2 cm) of peeled ginger root. Boil about 2 glasses of water, add chopped ginger and boil for another 3 minutes. Pour the tea into a cup through a sieve and add some honey.
To relieve pain, you can use some non-prescription painkillers. Take a small dose of, for example, Naproxen, Aspirin, or Ibuprofen.These drugs usually help to cope with persistent cramps. Be careful with them when treating abdominal pain in children. Do not give them aspirin, it is extremely dangerous for their health.
If you experience severe acute pain, seek medical attention immediately. Such pains may indicate a serious stomach upset. The cause of such pain may be, for example, a peptic ulcer or an infection. After the necessary examination, the doctor will prescribe you certain medications or, in severe cases, refer you to inpatient treatment.

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