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How to tie a thread?

Natalya Safonova
Natalya Safonova
September 23, 2014
How to tie a thread?

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How to tie a thread?

If you like to knit, then, surely, you faced a problem when suddenly the thread broke, the skein ended, or you had to deliberately tear the thread to replace the color. How to knit threads and not to knit a knitted fabric? Check out our recommendations.

Options for how to tie two threads, there are several. Consider them in more detail. It is important to remember that the connection threads must be very durable and neat.

Option 1 (the easiest)

You can simply knot the two strings together, only be sure to leave the long tips, so that later you can hook them along the connected row with a hook.

Option 2 (thick thread)

If the threads that you need to knit together are very thick, then they are usually sewn with a needle and thin yarn of suitable color, edge-to-edge. In this case, when tying the knot will not work too noticeable and will not spoil the knitted fabric.strings

Option 3 (thin or not very thick threads, without knots)

For this method you will need a needle. The tip of the thread is inserted into the needle.Then spin the thread a little (loosen its tension). And insert the needle with the tip of the thread between the spun fibers. We leave a small loop. Into the resulting loop inserts the tip of the thread that we want to attach. We do the same with the tip of the thread: we loosen the tension by unwinding and insert the needle between the yarn fibers. It turns out the connection is durable and beautiful.


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