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How to tie a collar?

The collar is an integral part of the product, connected by your hands. It can be any one, starting from a simple neck, and ending with complex, turn-down double-breasted collars. Before you knit a collar for a blouse, it is necessary to take into account which yarn the model is connected to, for which cases other nuances are intended.

Crocheted collars

Often enough for openwork light blouses, collars do not knit with needles, like the product itself, but with a crochet hook that allows you to knit really airy, extraordinarily beautiful collars. Moreover, it is not necessary that the crocheted collar be difficult - it is enough to tie the edges of the shelf and neck with a small air pattern, and your knitted product will be transformed beyond recognition. As such, there are no general rules for knitting collars, but there are rules and technologies that must be observed in order to properly associate a certain type of collar with a specific pattern.

Collar - Scarf

Often the collar-scarf is called a product for children.But this is absolutely not the case, because with the right choice of yarn and neat performance, the collar scarf will become a stylish accessory in your wardrobe. Many women knit this collar to wear it with outerwear, but it looks great with a strict dress, with pants or a skirt in a classic style. Imagine, and you will connect not only a warm product that will protect you from the cold, but also a great addition to the daily outfit.

If you want to learn how to knit a collar - scarf, take a suitable tone of yarn and circular needles. Dial 212 loops, tie the first row of the front satin stitch, then continue to knit the fabric with an elastic band 2 front x 4 purl loops. As soon as the height of the web is 4 centimeters, remove one loop in each strip, connected by purl loops - as a result, you will continue to knit with the pattern 2 face x 3 purl loops. Tie 4 cm, perform a similar decrease in the loops to the one you did earlier - as a result you will have a 2x2 elastic band, which you will tie with 4 cm. In total, it is necessary to subtract 26 loops in the rows that make up the next 3 cm.

At a height of 15 cm from the start of knitting, the decrease of the loops is carried out only in every 6th row on both sides of the canvas.After you knit 42 centimeters, you need to add 3 loops 3 times in every third row, and also go back to the 2x2 gum pattern. Tie 6 cm in this way and close all the loops. Now you know how to knit a collar - everything is quite simple and easy.

Collar - Yoke

The collar-yoke must lie freely on the shoulders, so it fits around in a circle, respectively, you must take the circular needles or dial along the edge of the neck of the loop. We recommend knitting with the front satin stitch this collar, and with enough loose viscous. Add loops in each row, because the collar should be trapezoidal in expanded form. Knitting is necessary to continue until the width of the second edge is equal to the width of the shoulders. When closing the hinges, try to do the work freely, otherwise, the edge will be tight. So you learned how to knit a collar - collar, which will make the sweater more attractive and luxurious. The collar-collar is suitable for both warm sweaters and thin, knitted tight or lace knitting.

Collar - dickey

The collar of the shirt front is a removable, separate product that is worn under outerwear.It is perfect for both children and adults, because it allows you to close the neck from the wind and cold. Before you knit a shirt collar, decide whether you will wear it over your head or buttoning. The second option will be the most acceptable for the child's cock. If the collar is put on over the head, then for knitting it is necessary to take circular needles. For the second collar - the usual knitting needles.

Dial 96-100 loops into ordinary knitting needles (for a child’s dummy), tie a 1x1 elastic band as many centimeters as the neck height x2 is. Fold the canvas in half, horizontally, sew. At the edges of the slice dial loops for slats. When knitting a strap on one side, make 2 loops, and sew 2 buttons along the second edge.

Shawl collar

Before you tie a shawl collar, you must sew the shoulder seams of the product. Now dial the neck loop, except for the middle of the front loop. It is necessary to knit rapport from edge loops so that the first loop can be knitted with one loop of the strap, from the second loop make two loops, from the third one - three, etc. Knit several rows straight - their number depends not only on the size of the product, but also on the size of the collar.Next, you need to knit a cropped extension of the collar of the size that you need. Close the loop. Perform the above algorithm for knitting the entire shawl collar. Sew the collar to the middle of the neckline, while its edges should be overlapped.

Stand collar

Stand-up collar is knitted very simply. Before you tie a stand-up collar, you need to dial the required number of loops around the neck of the product. As a rule, the pattern for such collars - 1x1 gum. The height of the stand-up collar depends on your desire. It can be as high, which will tuck like a collar-collar, and the usual, reaching to the chin.


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