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How to take BCAA

If you plan to gain muscle mass, BCAA should be taken 4 times: the first - half an hour before class, the second - during exercise (preferably as an energy drink), the third - immediately after and the fourth - half an hour after class. Such a regimen suppresses catabolism, activates the production of growth hormone, accelerates protein synthesis.
For slimming VSAA taken 3 times a day: before, during and after exercise. On rest days, BCAAs are taken between meals, but by no means on an empty stomach. With this regimen, BCAA will help suppress catabolitic processes, appetite, and muscle preservation. It should be noted that the use of this sports supplement for this purpose is quite expensive, so it will be cheaper to take protein.
The optimal dose for supplementation is 4–8 grams at a time. The duration of the BCAA is not limited, there is no need for breaks and cycling. In order to achieve the best result, the BCAAs are best taken separately from other amino acids, thus, they will start to fulfill their functions faster.
These amino acids are well combined with all major types of sports supplements. When gaining weight, they are best taken with creatine, protein, gainer.
To take BCAA powder, it is best to make an energy drink: dissolve amino acids in water with the addition of a few teaspoons of sugar. This will facilitate and reception, as the BCAA tastes bitter, and the flow of amino acids into the body.

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