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How to make a screenshot on iPhone?

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How to make a screenshot on iPhone?

Apple is always proud to note the intuitiveness of the interface of its products. And indeed, they are very convenient and easy to manage. However, some tasks still can put the user to a standstill. One of these tasks is the need to take a screenshot (screen capture). Despite the fact that this is an elementary task, the mass of users of iOS devices do not know how to accomplish it. Let's see how to make a screenshot on the iPhone (iphone).


  1. Find the image you want to "scroll" (it can be both a regular image and an interface element), open it.
  2. Hold down the Home key and, without releasing it, press the device's on / off key - while if the device is not in vibro mode, you will hear a characteristic click, and besides, the display on the display will “light up” for a moment - a white screen will flash .
  3. All! Screenshot ready.

As you can see, everything is very simple. But now another question has arisen - where is the screenshot to be found?

Where to find a screenshot?

In fact, everything is simple too. Go to the "Photos" menu of the smartphone, open the album "Camera Roll" - the last frame in the album will be your screenshot.

If the screenshot was not there, it means that you did not manage to simultaneously press the Home + power key. Please try again.

For reference

  • The ability to take a screenshot supports any iPhone, except for the first model, however, probably, no one today uses it anymore.
  • You can take a screenshot even in the talk mode, however, in this case, we recommend that you first hold down the power key and then Home, otherwise if you fail to simultaneously hold the call, you will drop the call.
  • The screenshot can be transferred to a computer by simply synchronizing the PC and phone.

By the way! Sync PC and iPhone will not work if you do not have iTunes installed. You can download it on the official website. Follow the link and specify the e-mail on which your Apple account is registered (or on which you plan to register it), and the location, then click the Download button. When the file is loaded, you will need to activate the installation of the program in automatic mode.

iTunes is a fairly simple program in terms of interface, but if you have problems, you can find answers to them.


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