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How to take a bath?

Bathing is a very pleasant and important procedure. It’s not for nothing that even in the name “bathing” there is a certain solemnity - usually the honored guests are received. Bathing is much more important than rinsing the body under the shower. It is unfortunate that few know how to properly take a bath and deprive themselves of this pleasure.

Create the right environment

Having flopped in water and having worked on a body with a soap washcloth, you will not receive the proper effect from the bath. While taking a bath according to all the rules is a very useful thing, it relaxes the body, relieves stress, helps to get out of depression, strengthens the nervous system. And this is not all about the miraculous healing effects that a properly taken bath can have.

First you need to take care of the bathroom. Make the light slightly muffled, and if the mood allows, replace it with candles at all. Turn on light relaxing music. Taking a bath is always advised in the evening, in the morning it is better to limit yourself to an invigorating contrast shower, otherwise you can relax so much that it will be impossible to tune in to the working mood.

Before taking a bath, it is good to do scrubbing procedures or peeling.This will allow the beneficial ingredients to penetrate the skin better. Bathing should last at least an hour. You should not rush, you can not go into the bath in a hurry. It’s good to take a book or a favorite magazine with you.

These different baths

Depending on the temperature of the water and additives, the bath can produce the most diverse effect. A bath with a water temperature of 35-37 degrees is ideal for relaxation. Oils and extracts of peppermint, lavender, tandem, eucalyptus and other herbs have a calming effect. They relax the body, relieve fatigue. Such baths are good to take in the evening, before bedtime.

Many do not know how much time and how often to take a bath. To get involved in water treatments is not worth it, so you can dry out the skin. Ideally, it is good to take a bath once a week, but the procedure should be long, at least an hour. Lovers can take a bath more often, but not more than three times a week.

You can not take too hot baths, you can not be in the water at a temperature of 38-40 degrees longer than 10 minutes. Such a bath well vaporizes the body and opens the pores, but exerts a greater load on the heart. Sitting in such a bath is necessary so that the heart area is not covered with water.

If in the evening you have an important meeting, then during the day you can take a warm bath with a water temperature of 30-32 degrees. For an invigorating effect, add a little conifer oil.

Salt baths

Proper bath should certainly be cooked with salt. There are no contraindications for bathing with salt. You can use as usual table salt, and various special tools, sea salts, which the shelves of cosmetic stores are rich in.

Add a handful of salt to the bath. Before taking a bath with salt, make sure that it is completely dissolved, otherwise you will experience discomfort when taking a bath. It combines well with all sorts of essential oils. In water, they themselves do not dissolve, because they must first be dissolved in any fat. Such oils, in combination with salts, help well with various skin problems.

In order for the bath to have a good therapeutic effect, massage your body right in hot water. Remember that after taking a bath, despite the relaxed state, do not be lazy to apply a moisturizing lotion or oil to your skin.This will avoid dry skin and unpleasant sensations. After the water procedures, you will probably tend to sleep. Do not resist and let your body rest. Sleep after bath is always strong and deep.


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