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How to survive the death of a child?

The modern world is very cruel and completely unpredictable. One can never be completely confident in the future. There are troubles, sorrows and losses, which are very hard to fill, and even more so, to come to terms with them. But you always have to go further, step over pain, grief and move forward. Perhaps not always for yourself, but for your loved ones you have to pull yourself together, forget about pain, lift your head higher and look only into the distance, not looking back at the past, and certainly not letting it take you completely.

Reaction from the side

It is always easier to speak than to fulfill, to give yourself promises, and then refer to many reasons why they could not be kept. If such grief happens in a family as the death of a loved one, and even more so of one’s own child, the advice is inappropriate, the promises are invalid, and persuasion simply sounds silly and cruel. Therefore, we can only bring condolences and try to ask to let go of their pain and think about the living. Those who also grieve and need support and comfort are near and do not want to lose you in this pain.Nobody will be able to give certain instructions how to survive the death of a child, but some recommendations will still be able to help a little to accept the loss.

First steps

If such grief as the loss of a child happened in your life, give yourself time to mourn the loss. Do not lock in your feelings and emotions. Everyone has the right to grief, even the strongest person. The only thing that can be dangerous to your moral well-being, is to completely allow grief to embrace yourself and all your feelings.

Immerse yourself in work. If you decide to abandon your career, this will not help, but will only give you extra time to completely “wrap yourself” in pain. Do not discard the option that will help a bit to come to life. You will be surrounded by people, communication may distract you a little, occupy your head with some problems of a domestic nature.

Do not forget that you are surrounded by living people who need your care and love. If you do not know how to survive the death of your son, you withdraw into yourself, you will not be able to help the family recover from such a heavy loss. If you have a second child, remember that if you are not morally close, you can harm your baby.Be caring, go headlong into the family, help your husband or wife with your support. Do not leave the second child without proper attention, because all the people around you are alive, they need you.

Pain and grief are very cruel and powerful concepts. It is not always possible to recover if you have lost an only child. Refer to a psychologist, perhaps a simple conversation can help reduce bitterness a little. Perhaps you just need to say that to alleviate their suffering.

Way out

The most logical way out is to get pregnant again. If for some reason this is not possible, then in order to ease the mental anguish, you could make a better life for the abandoned child by adopting a baby. Of course, to compensate for the loss of your own child is completely impossible, but you can give joy to an innocent creature that is just as lonely as you.

You will be able to give all care and love to those who need it. And he, in turn, will give you all his warmth and childish naivety, which he simply has no one to give. If you take a child from a shelter, you will calm down over time, as it takes a long time to bring up and establish contact.And having overcome all difficulties, you can once again smile and enjoy simple family trifles. All this will help to cope with how to survive the death of a child.


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