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How to call Bloody Mary?

Leonid Veselov
Leonid Veselov
August 7, 2012

The legend of the Bloody Mary has been around the world since 1978. Near one village, in the depths of the forest, there lived an old woman whom the villagers called Bloody Mary and considered her a witch. Once in the village, little girls began to disappear. Several brave men came to the old woman, but she replied that she did not know anything about the missing children. But they noticed that the old woman was much younger and prettier.

Once the miller’s little daughter left the house at night, following a sound that was heard to no one but her. Her mother noticed her daughter and woke her husband and all the neighbors. All together they tried to stop the girl, but it was useless. Suddenly the miller saw a strange glow in the distance - the bloody Mary stood by the old oak tree and sent an evil spell with a magic wand on the miller's daughter.

All the villagers rushed off with a weapon to the witch. One farmer shot an old woman running away and hit her leg. The enraged villagers seized the Bloody Mary and burned her on a huge bonfire.Dying, the old woman shouted a curse: everyone who dares to pronounce her name three times in front of the mirror will die a painful death, and his soul will forever be tormented in the mirror.

Are you still thinking about how to call Bloody Mary? Then here is what you need to do.

First wait for the night. Prepare a large mirror and candles. Go into the room in which this mirror stands, and close the door. Put candles on either side of the mirror, light them.

Look straight in the mirror, in your eyes and say three times the phrase “Bloody Mary, come to me!”. When you say the phrase for the third time, you will see Mary behind your left shoulder.

If you did everything right, and Mary did not appear in the mirror, do not be indignant - she will drop in to see you later.


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