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How to solve a crossword puzzle?

Crossword puzzles are one of the most popular types of puzzles, allowing us to make your leisure time at home fascinating or to brighten up the waiting time in a queue, on a trip, in a hospital. But a crossword is not just a way to kill time. Solving crossword puzzles helps develop erudition and improve your analytical skills.

Did you know that the first classic crossword puzzle appeared 100 years ago? True, he was called at first wordcross. The new puzzle quickly gained popularity, and in the 1920s almost all American and European newspapers published crossword puzzles in their Sunday editions. During this time, there are many varieties of crossword puzzles, different from the classic, in which the words must be crossed. By tradition, they are also called crosswords, although they no longer completely correspond to their name. Therefore, telling how to solve a crossword puzzle, it should be clarified - exactly what crossword puzzle is meant?

The solution of the classic crossword

What this crossword looks like is everything: a grid, as a rule, of a symmetrical shape.In the grid, horizontally and vertically, words should intersect each other. The beginning of words is shown by numbers. In addition to the grid, a list of questions for each of the words is given. Questions are grouped horizontally and vertically, since the same cell with a number can be the beginning of two words at the same time. Words can be guessed in any order, but the author of this article seems more rational not to go straight through the list, but to start from a certain angle of the grid. Having guessed one word, it is good to check oneself before entering the letters in the cells. Try to guess the words crossing it. If everything came together, you can write a few words at once. If you can not unravel any area, go to the next. Having solved the words there, you can learn some letters from the previously unsolved words and try again.

Scandinavian Crossword

The difference from the Scandinavian crossword from the classic is that the questions are not put on a separate list, but written directly in the grid cells. Sometimes, instead of the text of the question, a picture or photo is given, and you need to guess who or what is shown there.The arrow from the question indicates the direction in which to write the word answer. How to solve this type of crossword? There are no fundamental differences from solving a classic crossword puzzle. The only thing is, since the principle of symmetry of the grid for scanwords is not observed, the word crossings here are usually much more. Accordingly, such a crossword is solved more easily.

Keyword and his solution

The key chain is constructed in the same way as a classic crossword, but here each cell contains a number corresponding to a letter. Having guessed one word, you can immediately enter the letters from it into the cells of other words containing the same numbers. As a clue, one of the words of the crossword is already open. What is there to wonder, you ask? I forgot a small touch - unlike the classic crossword puzzle, there is no list of questions. How to solve a crossword puzzle without questions - guess the words as you want, focusing on the guessing letters ..

Japanese crossword

This type of crossword puzzle has become popular recently. I will not go into the details of the solution here, it is all described in detail here: "How to solve Japanese crossword puzzles?".

Chaynward's decision

Chaynvord mesh can be of any shape: square, round, even triangular. There is no word intersection here, but the last letter of each previous word is the first letter of the word following it. The list of questions to the words is attached. How to solve a crossword puzzle? Well, if you have not guessed a word, guess the following. By the first and last letter, it will be easier to guess the difficult word. Still not working? Who is easy now? There are no intersections, and the other letters of the word will not tell you anything.

Hungarian crossword

You will not believe it, but in this crossword puzzle all the letters are already inscribed in the grid, there is no need to guess the words. How to solve a crossword puzzle in this case? Words need to be found and marked by connecting the corresponding cells with a line. In violation of the classic canons in the Hungarian crossword, words can be bent in any way. Restrictions: the word can not have breaks, and be located in the cells along the diagonal. Each grid cell can refer to only one word. After solving the Hungarian crossword puzzle, there should be no free cells in the grid.


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