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How to smoke cigarettes or cigars?

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How to smoke cigarettes or cigars?

The process of smoking a cigarette or cigar should be fun. It should look beautiful. After all, you decide to smoke when you want to relax or unwind. Therefore, smoke quietly, slowly, have fun.

How to smoke cigarettes.

If you already smoke, then have beautiful accessories for this. For example, a lighter. It may not be very expensive, but it, like all your things, may be a reflection of your individuality. An ashtray in your house, and preferably a few, can also be a work of art. Surround yourself with these beautiful things.

Keep a cigarette near the filter between the middle and index fingers. When tightened, you should not look at a cigarette, it looks ridiculous and ridiculous. Do not leave a cigarette in the mouth for a long time, i.e. Do not smoke without using your hands. Firstly, it is inconvenient, secondly, not beautiful, and thirdly, smoke can get into the eyes, and this is not very pleasant.Do not smoke a cigarette to the filter itself.

How to smoke a cigar.

The main difference between smoking cigars and smoking cigarettes - cigars do not drag on. Cigars smoke to taste the smoke. Another difference is that cigars do not recommend lighting with gasoline lighters. It spoils the scent of smoke.

Before you smoke, cut the end of the cigar with a special knife (guillotine).

To light a cigar, you need to observe the whole ritual:

  • First, twist a cigar over a lit match to heat its tip evenly;
  • Now take a cigar in your mouth and tighten up, while slowly rotating it;
  • Hold the smoke in your mouth, enjoy the aroma, slowly exhale.

When smoking a cigar, the ashtray is used a little, it does not smolder as quickly as a cigarette. To extinguish a cigar is also not worth it - in a few seconds it will die out. If the cigar is out, and you immediately want to smoke more, you can do it. If part of the cigar has remained from yesterday for, then it is not recommended to smoke it, because the aroma is not the same and it will get an unpleasant taste from lying.

�Traditionally, cigars are smoked after meals. With cognac or rum combination of taste will be unique.Cigars are served in beautiful cigarette cases or a special box for cigars, in which lies the knife - the guillotine. Usually, hosts who offer a cigar to a guest have several types of cigars that can be selected in an open box.

�If you are addicted to smoking cigars and this occupation becomes a way of life for you, then you need accessories for smoking:

  • Compact humidor (special box for storing cigars, it maintains the desired humidity). In it, you will keep all your cigars. Homemade humidors can hold up to 200 cigars. They are so different in design that you can easily choose the right one for you. Pay attention to the interior finish, the best for the humidor is the finish of cedar. It should also be equipped with a humidifier and a device for controlling humidity. If you travel a lot or go to work, you can purchase a small road humidor.
  • Guillotine for cutting cigars. It can even be made of gold.
  • Special ashtray for cigars. By the way, it can also be placed in a humidor.
  • Special long matches for cigars.

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