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How to sign games

You will need
  • - a computer;
  • - telephone / smartphone;
  • - the program FreeSigner.
Therefore, go to the main menu, select the option "Settings", then "Application Manager" and the item "Installation Settings". Next, check the “Software Settings”. Select the option "All" and "Check certificates", select the checkbox in the option "Disable". This will allow you to sign the game with your own certificate and then launch it on your phone.
Get a personal certificate for your phone. It can be obtained only for one phone, it is installed with reference to IMEI. Therefore, installing a program that is signed with a certificate using someone else's IMEI will not work. You can sign the game with a certificate issued on your IMEI repeatedly.
To obtain a personal certificate, go to sensornokia.ru/poleznye-statji-dlja-nokia-5800-5530-n97-x6-5230/cert/zakaz-sertifikata.html. As a result, you will receive two files that have the extension * .key and * .cer. Transfer these files to your phone / smartphone. To do this, create a special folder Cert.
Sign the application on your smartphone, use the FreeSigner program for this.Launch it, select the “Settings” command and specify the paths to the key and certificate file in the corresponding fields. Click on the field and select the "Back" button - the file manager will open. With its help, select the desired file and click "Ok".
Then click the button “Add task”, select “Options” - “Add”, then Self Sign Sis - the selected application will appear in the list of tasks. Start signinggamescertificate using the “Start” button. Make sure that everything went well, to do this, go to the file manager and make sure that next to the filegamesthe same file appeared, having the prefix signed in the name and the .sisx extension.

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