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How to sheathe the ceiling?

It is known that the ceiling is an essential element of the interior, the successful decor of which creates harmony in the house and, as a result, the good psycho-emotional well-being of the residents. How to sheathe the ceiling? There are many solutions to this issue. How to choose the best of them, suitable both in price and quality, not requiring special professional skills and excessive labor investments?

Glued ceiling

Many of us quite recently did not know any other way to finish the ceiling, except as his pasting wallpaper. Some people still remember that process with a shudder, but progress has stepped forward and today conservative lovers of glued ceilings already have at their disposal not only wallpaper, but also extruded polystyrene foam tiles. Her sticking - the process is as exhausting as before, but compared to sticking wallpaper - still not so laborious. Moreover, decorating capabilities of polystyrene foam tiles are much higher, and its service life is longer.

The same tile, but with a surface covered with a laminated film, lasts much longer, practically it is eternal. From time to time such a tile requires only a wet wipe.The advantage of other types of glued ceiling panels - huge decorating opportunities and quite reasonable price, which determines their popularity.

Suspended ceiling

If you are full of unspent creative forces and want to realize them in the field of interior design, the answer to the question of how to sheathe the ceiling in the house, you can only be one thing: do not sheathe, but hang! And this is understandable, because it is suspended ceilings that provide enormous opportunities for the realization of the most daring fantasies. Suspended ceilings can be stretch, rack or cassette. In most cases, consumers prefer cassette ceilings - frame structures filled with cassette panels made of glass or molded mineral wool, tiles filled with cellulose, starch or clay.

Rack ceiling is indispensable in a room with high constant humidity. It is frost-resistant, fireproof, environmentally friendly. Cassette and slatted ceilings - a novelty in the field of decoration and repair, but already enjoyed deserved popularity. Their advantage is not only great design and maintenance.opportunities, but also relative cheapness.

Hemmed ceiling

Ceiling is becoming increasingly popular. What can sheathe ceiling? Drywall! Its sheets are attached to a pre-engineered frame. The advantage of this option is the absence of the need for preliminary preparation of the ceiling. By the way, you can hem the ceiling with other material, for example, wood or decorative panels. These works, however, are very laborious and require certain professional skills.

Each of the above options has its advantages and disadvantages. Choosing the right one, be guided mainly by your financial capabilities and taste, and look smaller at fashion. As you know, it is changeable, and the ceilings in your apartment are reliable, beautiful and durable!


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