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How to sew a baby dress?

Every woman knows that dresses are never enough. This statement also applies to children's dresses, because Any mother tends to dress her little lady as bright and comfortable as possible. From our article, you will learn how to sew a baby dress, the secrets of building patterns and the technology of sewing a baby dress with your own hands.


In fact, it’s not difficult to sew a dress on a girl, because the most important thing for a child’s thing is convenience and freedom in movement. To begin with, take the basic measurements:

  • child growth - from the crown of the head to the floor
  • product length - from 7 cervical vertebra to a selected length along the spine
  • waist length - from 7 cervical vertebra to the waist along the back
  • neck circumference - around the base of the neck
  • waist circumference - measured at the narrowest point of the torso
  • circumference of the hips - measured by the convexity of the hips and abdomen
  • chest circumference - measured at the most convex points of the shoulder blades and chest, measuring tape is horizontal
  • shoulder length - from neck to shoulder point
  • sleeve - from the humeral point to the wrist along the arm through the elbow

The pattern of a children's dress can be from a fashion magazine or special sites, or it can be thought up by you personally. If you are new to sewing, then the simplest version of the pattern is a knit shirt, which fits perfectly on the child. Attached to the drawing paper shirt carefully circle around the front and back. Measure the length of the bodice on the back and reflect it on the pattern, add sleeves, hem and can cut out the details.

For the skirt they usually use the half-sun model. To build it, draw a horizontal line from the point to the left at the top of the paper to the right and vertical down. Calculate the radius of the notch under the waist - add 1 cm to the waist half-grip, multiply by 0.33, then by 2 and subtract 2 cm. Put a compass on a point and draw a semicircle. On the drawn lines, measure the length of the skirt and connect these points with a smooth arc. Add 3 cm of allowance for hem and drawstring.

Necessary materials

Professional seamstresses have a large enough arsenal of necessary tools. In our case, to sew a baby dress with your own hands, it is enough to have the necessary minimum:

  • Centimeter tape - preferably double-sided and with a starting point at both ends of the tape.
  • Copy paper, tracing paper - if you plan to retake the pattern from the magazine.
  • Portnovsky chalk.
  • Sewing pins - necessary for pinning the pattern to the fabric.
  • Scissors.
  • Sewing needles - select them for your chosen type of fabric.
  • Loop ripper - necessary for cutting loops, as well as for removing basting and unsuccessful seams.
  • Threads - must match the color of the fabric and match the thickness. For sweeping away, choose threads in a contrasting color.
  • Fabric - be sure to buy natural fabric, because its quality and composition affect the health of the child. When you think about how to sew a dress for a child, first decide on the material for work.


So, after you have drawn the pattern, you need to transfer it to the fabric, and process the details according to the dress model you selected. On the Internet, you can easily find all sorts of sewing technology, especially pleased with the variety of tips on how to sew a children's elegant dress. After all, preparation for a festive performance or New Year's Eve, can turn into a fun family workshop. Let's take a closer look at how to sew a baby dress consisting of a top, a skirt and a multi-layered petticoat and decorate it with embroidery:

  • For a full skirt and petticoats, use a half sun pattern. If you collect several layers of organza, the petticoat will be fluffy and airy. Each next layer must be made one third longer than the previous one.
  • Connect all patterns with side seam, bend and sew the bottom.
  • Assemble the structure, leaving the longest part at the bottom.
  • Fold inside the notch for the waist, make a drawstring and thread the elastic in it.
  • Sew the top and place a zipper on the side or on the back. Treat the upper cut with a bias, sew two beautiful silk straps and attach the top to the skirt. It can also use a factory shirt of a suitable color.
  • Come up with an original drawing and create a sketch. Pick up the beads, string it on the fishing line, the length of which should correspond to the length of one row of the pattern. Put the obtained threads on the top pattern. For fastening bead threads, use small cross stitches from threads of the same color as the base.

As you can see, the beauty of a children's dress does not depend on the price of materials and the complexity of sewing. Therefore, more often please small princesses with new clothes, it's so easy.


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