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How to save money when buying a kitchen set?

In most cases, the purchase of a kitchen set is combined with the purchase of built-in home appliances, so that the kitchen can immediately become comfortable, which entails fairly large financial costs.

Our factory has been manufacturing custom-made furniture for many years and wants to help all readers figure out how to save money when buying such products.

Before going to the furniture salon it is necessary to clearly define what must be included in the kitchen kit. Or rather, you should immediately determine the material of the front part of the headset, tabletop and the number of mobile, sliding and pivoting elements.

The facade of the furniture being purchased will take on all the mechanical stress when you cook in the kitchen. Therefore, it must be made of durable, wear-resistant and moisture-resistant material that would not require special care.

According to the principle of “like or dislike”, it is impossible to choose the material of the facade of kitchen furniture. The facade of kitchen furniture is made from the following materials:

- engineering or solid array;

- DSP;

- glass;

- metal;

- MDF.

Kitchen sets with a metal or plastic facade are quite rare, which significantly limits their model range.

And models with a solid array facade are very expensive. And the performance of such furniture is not very high.

Therefore, you actually have to choose between MDF and particleboard.

Well, when comparing these materials, MDF has higher performance characteristics.

But the cost of a kitchen set is also greatly influenced by the type of facing. So the lowest cost has facades made of MDF, which are lined with a film. But the film has low wear resistance and is afraid of temperatures above 100 degrees. Therefore, be prepared for the fact that it may well peel off the walls of the cabinets in the area of ​​the gas stove.

Therefore, a more interesting option would be the facade of MDF, which is lined with plastic.The edges of this facade are trimmed with PVC and aluminum profiles.

The advantages of such facing can be attributed to the fact that it perfectly mimics any natural material and has sufficient wear resistance. In addition, it has high moisture resistance and heat resistance. Therefore, it is ideal for a small kitchen.

The facade decoration with acrylic plastic will cost you a little more expensive, but it perfectly imitates high gloss, which will give the facade a shiny look. In addition, its characteristics are not inferior to conventional plastic.

Well, the most spectacular look facades of MDF, which on both sides are varnished. But on the mirror surface of the facade will be clearly visible the smallest traces of dirt.

No less important is the choice of the tabletop, on which the whole process of cooking takes place. But the tabletop should not be chosen for its strength properties, but for its appearance. So let's see how to choose a tabletop.

Classic countertops made of natural stone (sandstone, granite and marble) have the most beautiful work surface. But there are such tabletops very expensive, and taking care of them is very troublesome.Wooden countertops are no less beautiful.

But their service life is highly dependent on proper care, which will consist in regular impregnation of the working surface with wax or special oils. And the wear resistance of the wooden tabletop is not very high. But stainless steel countertops are considered the most durable, but they are expensive.

Therefore, tabletops made of artificial stone and chipboard are in great demand. The advantages of the first include excellent wear resistance and ease of maintenance, and the performance characteristics of the second are completely dependent on the type of lining. So excellent characteristics has a table top made of chipboard, which is laminated with plastic.

When choosing the number of sliding or pivoting elements of a kitchen set, it is necessary to proceed from the convenience of using it - all these elements should facilitate access to the internal contents of the cabinets. But it’s not necessary to equip all cabinets with these elements.

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