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How to save beets in the winter?

Vera Shiryaeva
Vera Shiryaeva
November 4, 2014
How to save beets in the winter?

A good harvest of vegetables in the garden is vitamins on your table in winter. So try to keep them until spring. Not everyone can properly store vegetables, so in this article we will look at how to store one vegetable - beets. How to save beets in the winter?

Useful tips

For storage of beets is best to use the cellar, the temperature in which should be 0-1 degrees, and humidity 90-95%. But at the same time the beets are very fond of fresh air, so take care of ventilation.

  • So, the first thing beets, pulled out of the ground, should be a little processed. That is, it is necessary to cut the tops, and the root crop itself should be cleared of adhering soil. This can be done with the same knife, only the reverse non-sharp side.
  • When the entire crop is harvested, spread the beets under a canopy so that it dries out and cool slightly. In this form, the vegetable will be stored longer and will not lose its original appearance.
  • Remember, no matter what vegetable you put in storage for the winter, in any case, do not wash it with water.
  • Pay attention to the defects of the beets.If they are located on top of the tops, then it is not scary. In the cellar these wounds will heal, and the fruit will remain intact for the whole time of storage.
  • Try to lay in the cellar beets of medium and large size. Small fruits are best eaten immediately after digging them out of the ground.
  • Beets are well stored in the cellar, if it is filled with a small layer of potatoes. This is a kind of protective layer that protects the root from low temperatures.
  • It is very important to maintain the required temperature range. Even a small fluctuation of half a degree can lead to the fact that the vegetables will start to either freeze or wilt. Therefore, the advice is to install a thermometer in the cellar and constantly monitor the temperature.

As you can see, nothing complicated. The main thing is to strictly adhere to our recommendations.


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