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How to run?

Sitting work from morning to evening, spending leisure time at a computer or TV is all a sedentary lifestyle. What is there to do, do not change the work ?! A good compensation for all this is running! To run a benefit, contributed to the achievement of goals, follow these rules.

How to start running

You will make a big mistake if, without warming up your body, start running. In the beginning, before running, you should warm up thoroughly, disperse the blood through the body.

  1. So, to do this, start walking at a fast pace, let the pulse increase.
  2. In the fresh air, inhale deeply through the nose and exhale through the mouth, do so several times.
  3. Make a few sweeps with your hands, and then with your legs, trying to reach out to the arms stretched forward.
  4. Perform rotational movement of the whole body.
  5. And in the end it would be nice to do some exercises to stretch the muscles of the legs and back. These can be lunges with the feet back and forth and sideways, bending over the legs.

How to run in the morning on the street

After you have warmed up, it is still impossible to start a clean run.Gradually increase your walking speed to slow running. Then alternate jogging with walking, until the body gets used to the loads. For an untrained person, great physical exertion from the first time is extremely harmful and dangerous to health! Only after such manipulations can pure running go.

Body position when running

No matter how strange it may seem to a novice, but while running you need to follow the correct posture of your body. Everything is very individual here. Correct for each person will be his body position, since it depends on the characteristics of the physique. Here are common recommendations for all:

  • When running, look forward, do not tilt the body strongly and do not hang your head down.
  • Do not go to the other extreme, do not tilt the chin up and head back.
  • Bend your arms at a 90 degree angle. Do not strain your hands into a fist, relax your body so that the movements become natural.

Believe me, there will be several trainings, you run, and the body itself will tell you the ideal position for you. Stick to it.

How often do you need to run

It is best to run in the morning. In the early morning, the air is still not filled with city dust and dirt, enjoy the morning run, which will benefit the body. On the day, run at least 30 minutes, half an hour in principle will be enough.Per week arrange yourself 2 such workouts. If there are no medical contraindications, then the frequency of runs and the load can later be increased, but not immediately!

Be sure to monitor your health, listen to the signals of the body. In case of deterioration, reduce the load or stop running. Running will be beneficial if it is accompanied only by positive physical and moral sensations.

How to run cross

Cross implies certain standards, as well as a specific distance. For example, many people want to know how to run 1 km correctly. The most important thing is to calculate your strength and step length. That is, start to run evenly, without hurrying, and lay out all your forces, approaching the finish.

Those who run from 3 to 10 km, it is necessary to understand how to run long distances. Proper footwork - the success of an athlete. The technique is that the foot first becomes on the front of the arch, and then smoothly rolls over the entire surface. This shortens the duration of the braking effect and helps maintain forward movement.

Learning to run correctly on a treadmill

We act the same way as when running on the street, that is, we warm up before a workout, we gradually increase the load. With regard to the use of the treadmill, then stand on it, making sure that by pressing the start, it will be at the minimum speed. The initial position of a person should be this: the legs are on opposite sides of the tape, and only then the simulator starts.

Safety handles can only be used at the beginning to adapt to the lessons. The fact is that if you keep them constantly, the body will have the wrong position, the movements will be far from natural.

Do not be distracted by anything, so that you do not get lost, look ahead. Do not do barefoot, wear comfortable sneakers, as well as on the street. And now we will work on achieving specific goals ...

How to properly run to lose weight

You are not mistaken in choosing a way to lose weight. Indeed, running is the perfect assistant in this business! You burn extra calories, metabolism improves, improper work leads to excess weight, and the body is saturated with oxygen, forcing it to work efficiently.

So, if your goal is to lose a couple of kilograms and tighten the figure, then the result will be complete after 2 months of running, if you do not miss classes, of course. And if the goal is 10 kg and more, then we will increase the duration of the training and we will combine running with proper nutrition.

In the first week of classes, run 20-25 minutes a day, starting with intense walking and alternating jogging and walking. Do not overstrain the body, accustom it to the loads very gradually. How to run fast? Of course, this is not the main factor in the process of losing weight. But I want to note that fast running should not take place in the heat, and should not last more than 15 minutes.


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