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How to return the beauty of the skin in spring

To restore the beauty of the skin, it will take a long time. Although it is good that today there is a very large number of various means and procedures that will come to the rescue in the battle for the beauty of the skin in spring and significantly save your time.
During the off-season, you will need to develop your own line of beauty and adhere to it most thoroughly. Skin care should be comprehensive. Start with a diet, try to throw off the pounds that have accumulated over the winter. Spur immunity with vitamins and food supplements. Go to the bath. Play sports or purchase a subscription to the pool. Do not forget to allocate time every day for cosmetic procedures.
In the spring, it is categorically not recommended to wash your face with water before going out into the air, since the spring wind is extremely dangerous for her.
For cleaning you will need to apply specialized lotions, based on the type of skin. By the end of the season, the humidity of the air increases, and this gland secretes more fat, therefore it is preferable to switch to the most powerful cleansing agents, although with all this they should not overdry.
Home care includes wiping the face with pieces of ice on the basis of herbal decoctions, for example, a series, chamomile, celandine.
Spring and autumn - the period of massages. After non-injection mesotherapy courses, it is recommended to undergo a massage course. If vitamins are injected into the skin with the help of mesotherapy, then the production of collagen in the skin appears through the massage. The course is performed daily or in one day, although at least it contains no more than 10 procedures.

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