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How to rent an apartment in Moscow?

Irina Gromyak
Irina Gromyak
January 18, 2013
How to rent an apartment in Moscow?

If you decide to visit Moscow, then you will immediately have a question: where will it stop? It would seem that in such a big city there should be no problems with housing, but still there can be problems. How to rent an apartment in Moscow so that it is not very expensive and not to lose a lot of time for accommodation?

Where do we go?

First, decide in which area of ​​the city you would like to rent an apartment. If it is in the central areas, then immediately note that here the cost is greater than in the sleeping. If you have acquaintances in the city, it is not recommended to settle with them, so as not to be dependent on them. Through the Internet or a newspaper with ads, get acquainted with the prices of the real estate market, so that you are guided by the prices of this city.

Today you can rent an apartment without intermediaries. Moscow is a big city, and if you stick ads in the city that you want to rent an apartment, there will definitely be those who would like to rent it. Another option is when you are met at the station by people with signs "Renting an apartment."But there is a risk here. What they promise you may be completely different. There may not be normal amenities, and even the hostess may be near. And you can be offered to come to the office to pay money, after which they will give the address of the apartment to be rented. Do not bite on such bait - you will be deceived.

Issue price

Therefore, rent an apartment cheap in Moscow, it is unlikely you will succeed. And so that everything is officially and without cheating, they recommend that you contact the real estate agency. There, for a real fee, they will help you to rent an apartment in Moscow. This will take into account all your wishes about the area in which you would like to live, as well as at home, floors and amenities in the apartment. Today, such agencies have a large database, which contains the addresses of apartments that are rented. There you will be offered a personal agent who will select you a housing option. And with no prepayment. You will be offered to get acquainted with the lease agreement, which will describe all the conditions of your stay. Be careful, carefully read all the terms of the contract.

If you have come to the city alone, without family or friends, then one of the options to rent an apartment that is not expensive is not a big area. That is, if there is no need, do not rent for yourself a two- or three-room apartment.And to rent a one-room apartment in Moscow, you will also have no problems. Just in the real estate agency immediately tell me about your desire.

Many visitors want to settle down in the center so that everything is close by: sights, historical places, exhibitions and shops. Given that the branches of the metro cover a large area of ​​the capital and you can get from any area, it is not recommended to overpay money only for the fact that you will live in the center.


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