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How to remove the wall?

Recently, various redevelopments in city apartments have become a very fashionable phenomenon. However, before removing the wall, it is advisable to familiarize yourself with some of the design features of the dwelling, as well as legal issues.

Partitions and load-bearing walls

First of all, let's define the differences between partitions and load-bearing walls.

  • Bearing walls perform a very important function, since they take over most of the load of reinforced concrete floors of a high-rise residential building. Such walls are characterized by a high degree of strength and much greater thickness compared with partitions. That is why the bearing walls cannot be demolished in any case - otherwise not only the ceiling in your apartment will collapse, but also the whole staircase.
  • As for partitions, they perform an exclusively separating function, that is, they separate rooms from the corridor and from each other. Therefore, it is possible to demolish partitions, and that is why the following question would be correct: how to remove the partition, and not how to remove the wall.Now let's talk about what we need in order to remove the partition in the apartment.

Permission to demolish septum

First of all, we need permission from the relevant authorities. The fact is that the partition can be demolished by no means all. For example, in frame houses it is necessary to leave intact the reinforced concrete frame consisting of beams and pillars, which accounts for the main load of the whole structure. And even in block houses some partitions are designed in such a way that the ceiling load is also distributed on them and their dreams can lead to the most unpleasant consequences.

Therefore, the first thing we do is go to the housing office (housing and operating office) for permission to demolish. Next you need to prepare for the fact that you will come upon a commission that will inspect the premises and decide whether it will be possible to demolish this partition. If permission is obtained, you can proceed to the demolition.

How to clean the wall in the apartment

The process itself is not very difficult, and if everything is done correctly, then after the dismantling of the partition there will be not too much cleaning.If the partition is made of drywall, then first remove the wallpaper. Then unscrew the self-tapping screws, with the help of which the elements of the partition wall frame are fixed. After that, it will be easy to disassemble the structure itself without the use of “percussion” instruments (for example, a sledge hammer), and then to collect and take out the garbage.

It will be more difficult if you need to dismantle a brick wall in the house. Such a wall can only be broken with a sledgehammer. A brick wall breaks down quite easily, but there will be a lot of cleaning, so think ahead about how and where you will take out construction debris. Finally, if you want to break through the passage in the main wall, or carry out this operation in your house, the most difficult task will be to cope with this task.

  • Firstly, this requires special tools: a powerful hammer drill or a jackhammer.
  • Secondly, you will need certain skills, so many people trust that such works will be carried out by special construction teams.

How to remove the wall in contact

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