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How to remove svchost?

Nadezhda Manko
Nadezhda Manko
February 27, 2013
How to remove svchost?

Svchost is a Windows system module that serves to start various services. In the Task Manager, any of the services started using this module is defined as “svchost”.

But there are many svchost viruses disguised, the most common of which is called RAT. It will be quite difficult for an inexperienced user of a personal computer to recognize such a virus in the Controller, as well as to detect it in the entire system as a whole. Therefore, it is worth noting that an important sign of the presence of this virus in the system may be a message informing you of an error that is related to svchost.exe and notifying the user that “the memory cannot be read”. In this case, you must take action that tells how to remove svchost. Otherwise, your computer will be severely crashed. So let's consider in stages how to get rid of this virus.

How to protect yourself from re-infection

First you need to protect your computer from re-infection with a virus by installing an anti-virus program on it.

Do not be afraid of this, since this method is very simple. To get started, go to the registry editor and find the HKEY_Sоftwаre_Microsоft \ Windоws \ CurrеntVеrsion \ RunServices \ "PowerManager" = "% WinDir% svchost.exe" key there, then delete it.

Svchost exe how to remove will prompt the next step. To do this, open the module intended for managing Windows services, find in the list PowerManager and, having called the context menu on this service, stop it.

Completing the virus program process

The third step is to complete the virus program process.

When deleting files of a virus, be extremely careful not to delete by mistake “real” svchost, which is located in the% WINDIR% systm32 folder. You can not delete it in any case. Therefore, before proceeding with the removal, check yourself once again for an error.

Svchost virus, how to remove it permanently, will tell the next step. Now you need to remove the automatic launch of this program from the registry. To do this, start the registry editor, find and delete in it [HKLM_Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersiоnRun] "svchost" = "% WinDir% svchost.exe". Then look for the key [HKCR / Exechhelphasencommand] and change it from% WINDIR% svchost.cоm "% 1"% * to "% 1"% *.

Also the replacement needs the key [HKLM_Sоftwаre_Microsоft \ Windоws \ NTCurrent Upsiоn Win Lооmоn]. Its value should be "Userinit" = "% Save%% usrinit.ex".

Well, the last key that needs to be changed is: [HKLM_Softwаre_Micsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersiоnRun.It is necessary to remove the parameters "Sustems" = "% WinDir% svchost.ex" and "Onlinе Service" = "% WinDir% svchost.exe".

The svchost exe virus, how to remove it, you learned from the above steps. As you can see, everything is quite simple, you only need to be attentive and follow this instruction.


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