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How to remove scratches from the phone screen?

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How to remove scratches from the phone screen?

Smartphone owners are often faced with the fact that sooner or later in the process of operation on the screen of their phone scratches appear. Causes of scratches can be carrying a smartphone with keys in one pocket, hitting the display on various types of surfaces, and so on. In this regard, let's look at how you can remove scratches from the smartphone screen.

Ways to remove scratches from the screen

One of the ways to remove scratches from the smartphone screen is to use a drill with a special polishing nozzle. Such a nozzle can be purchased in specialized stores, usually building. The essence of this method is simply to polish the screen.

However, it is worth making a reservation that this method simply erases a thin layer of special glass that protects the display, and therefore it is recommended to use it only if you are confident in your abilities and have some dexterity.We recommend to contact the experts, but it should be remembered that even they can not guarantee the glass display, which after polishing will become much more fragile.

Now consider the method of applying a special polishing paste. In order to polish the screen of the smartphone with a polishing paste, we need:

  • Cotton napkins;
  • Polishing paste, coarse green or branded copies;
  • Fine paste.

The procedure for polishing the display is as follows.

  • It is necessary to apply a green coarse-grained paste on a dry cloth. On the rag should appear characteristic plaque;
  • Next, you need to start rubbing the display of the smartphone, while you should not press the screen hard;
  • Then you need to put a white paste on the cloth and repeat the procedure;
  • After that, wipe the display with a cotton cloth and check the result.

If necessary, the procedure can be repeated again. Please note that you should not rub the smartphone with a paste too much, otherwise it may lead to the appearance of whitish spots, from which it will be impossible to get rid of.Dear smartphones should still be given to polish specialists, because if you make a mistake, the repair will cost more.


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