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How to remove fat in the area of ​​the press

You will need
  • - mat:
  • - roller under the head;
  • - gym subscription;
  • - a bike;
  • - a roller for a press;
  • - DVD with training program;
  • - Internet access.
If you decide to download the press at home, systematically alternate a few basic exercises. Exercise No. 1: Lay down on the floor, lay a mat or foam rubber, fix your legs, gently lift and lower the upper part of the body without jerking. It is better to fasten the palms in the lock on the back of your head or pressed to your chest. The number of approaches varies depending on your fitness and ranges from three to ten. The number of repetitions in the approach can also be different - from 10 to 50, depending on your well-being.
Go to exercise number 2: lying on your back and holding your hands, for example, by the legs of the cabinet, lift and lower your legs straight or slightly bent at the knees. Under the head, you can put a small pad or roll a roller out of a towel. In this exercise, the amplitude of movement is important - perform the exercise cleanly, and make sure that the abdominal muscles are always in work.
Take a roller for the press and perform various exercises with it. Roll the gymnastics back and forth in front of you in a starting position while kneeling. Sit with your legs bent at the knees. Place your feet on the wheel handles, roll with your feet. At the same time, bend the trunk forward (touch the knees with the breast). Slowly return to the starting position. Repeat these exercises 10 to 30 times, depending on the level of your training.
After completing the basic exercises for pumping the press, go to the extra. These can be various inclinations, both straight and side, raising straight legs from a prone position, push-ups, etc. With these exercises you will train various abdominal muscles.
To achieve athletic press - "cubes" on it, etc., purchase a subscription to the gym and enjoy strength exercises on special simulators, with dumbbells, a barbell. Your trainer will help you to choose the right complex in accordance with your physiological features.
Take up fitness or stretching, these techniques help to strengthen muscles and get rid of fat exercise.They can be performed both in the sports center and at home, following programs from the Internet or recorded on a DVD disc.
Start performing exercises on the press, gradually increasing the load, do not strive to set records during the first days of training. Be prepared for the fact that the abdominal muscles that are not accustomed to this kind of stress will be quite sick until you get involved in the training program.
Remember that your lifestyle is of no small importance for your harmony. Go on foot often, ride a bike, run and your weight will start to fall.
In the fight against fat deposits in the press area, pay attention to your diet. Exclude from it sweets, fat and flour, turn on more vegetables and fruit. Drink plenty of water, not forgetting to limit the salt.

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