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How to remove eyelashes?

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How to remove eyelashes?

Eyelash extensions appeared in Japan. Subsequently, this method has spread throughout the world. Now it is used by every stylist. However, each girl can stick on false eyelashes. It is not difficult at all, whereas removing your eyelashes by yourself is a completely different question. It is important to follow the procedure and be able to use the means to remove false eyelashes.

On what tools you can use to remove eyelashes and how to remove eyelashes, more in our article.

What you need to remove eyelashes

  • First of all you need cotton pads. It is better to take a whole pack in reserve, although it will take only a few pieces. Two cotton pads will be used for the compressor, the rest for applying the cream and removing its residues;
  • you will also need olive oil or makeup remover that contains vegetable oil;
  • tweezers.

Use of oils

First you need to do a preliminary training. Use cotton pads moistened with warm water or strong tea to remove them.Just put them on your eyes and take them off in a few minutes. This way you can prepare the eyelids for removing false eyelashes.

  1. Now use another cotton pad to which you first need to apply olive oil or makeup remover with vegetable oil in the composition. A cotton swab is also well suited, it can be easily spread on the eyelid with a thin strip.
  2. It is not recommended that the product gets into the eyes. In this case, you should immediately wash your eyes under a stream of warm water.
  3. The next step is the most important. You need to gently lift the edge of the eyelashes with tweezers. Be careful not to touch your own eyelashes. No need to make sudden movements, just pull the false eyelashes, and they will be left behind.
  4. Now it remains to wash the eyes and wipe dry with a cotton pad. You can also use burdock oil, which will protect your eyelids from inflammation after the procedure.

Using a remuver

Using a remover to remove false eyelashes is the most convenient way. It is usually available as a liquid or gel. It helps to easily remove the glue.It is enough just to put it on the eyelashes and hold for only five minutes. During this time, the glue will completely dissolve, and you will only need to gently remove the eyelashes with tweezers.

It is recommended to apply a remover using a cotton pad. Gently blot your eyelashes and press the disc. After removing eyelashes, it is recommended to use firming masks.

Use debondera

Debonder is a liquid for removing eyelash extensions.

  1. Debonders are of two types, namely: gentle and aggressive. Moreover, the latter is not recommended, as they can cause an allergic reaction.
  2. In order to use the debonder, you first need to moisten the cotton pads with a softening cream. Attach them to the eyelids and wait 5 minutes.
  3. After that, use a debonder on the base of the eyelashes using a cleaned brush or a cotton swab. In order for the composition to be absorbed, you need to wait just two or three minutes.
  4. After that, take the tweezers and, starting at the edges of the eyelids, gently remove the false eyelashes.
  5. If this fails to be done, then the procedure is recommended to repeat. But remember that the debonder is a rather aggressive means and in no case should get on the mucous membranes.If this happens, it is recommended to immediately wash the eyes and make a moisturizing compress.
  6. After the procedure, wash your eyes and wipe your eyelids with a tonic.

Removed false eyelashes can be left. It is enough to remove from them the remnants of glue, dry and put in the container in which they were purchased. Finally, we recall that the use of false eyelashes should not occur too often. Since this may adversely affect the condition of the eyelids and eyelashes.


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