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How to remove a shortcut?

Galina Uneasy
Galina Uneasy
February 27, 2013
How to remove a shortcut?

Shortcut - a link to a folder, file or Internet resource, enclosed in a separate small file. By double clicking on the shortcut, you will immediately go to the place to which it refers (or open the file, if it is a shortcut to the file). You can either delete the shortcut or the file to which it refers.

You can delete a shortcut completely or send it to the trash just like any other file. To do this, select it and click the Delete button or drag the file to the trash. Both of these actions lead to the same result. To permanently delete a file, you must either empty the basket, or, if it is still on the Desktop, by pressing Shift + Delete, delete it “past the basket”.

It is important to remember that deleting a shortcut to a game or some other kind of program does not remove the program itself. Moreover, the presence or absence of this label does not affect the performance of the component to which it refers. Usually remove the shortcut from the desktop is required to clear it. The programs themselves should be deleted using the appropriate tools of your OS version (via the Control Panel), or in some situations simply by deleting the program folder.


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