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How to register iPhone (iPhone)?

Anna Mikhailova
Anna Mikhailova
April 3, 2013
How to register iPhone (iPhone)?

Many iPhone owners want to enjoy quality games, music and video. This can become a reality if you know how to register iPhone in iTunes player. This gives the user many advantages. You can add many useful features, such as getting and searching for album covers, searching for unknown or missing data on a song, downloading all kinds of music for free, useful programs, videos and interesting games.

Register iPhone to iTunes Player

To register the iPhone in the iTunes player you need to have email. However, it is worth knowing that not every address can be suitable for this, it is desirable that mail ends in com. The procedure for registering with iTunes is quite simple, but in order for it to be successful the first time, you must clearly follow the instructions below. Before you register your iPhone, open iTunes and select it on the iTunes Store. After loading the page, at the bottom you will need to change the country to the United States, find the App Store link and click on it.After that, you need to go to the App Store and find a column with various free applications there, so you will not pay for the registration, which will automatically pass for free. It is necessary to choose any, but from a free column. After that, you need to buy a game or a program, for which you should press GET APP. Then, in the opened window, select “create an account” and read the license agreement. Usually nobody reads it, but it's better to get acquainted.

After reading we put a tick, in agreement with all points of the agreement. Then you need to enter your email address, password, date of birth and data that may be needed in the future to recover the password if it is lost. (question answer). However, it should be remembered that the password must contain at least eight characters and begin with a capital letter.

After the end of registration, you need to wait 5-10 minutes until the confirmation of activation comes. When the message arrives, you must click on the link indicated in it and go through it. After that, a new user will be checked in by registration and connected to iTunes.Well, now you know how to register an iPhone without a card, and you can enjoy quality games, music, programs, and other benefits of iTunes.


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