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How to register in Youtube?

Vladislav Meriin
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How to register in Youtube?

Youtube is a popular video service into which all users can upload videos. Now the word YouTube is already associated with people with popularity, so you can often hear: �Oh, upload to Youtube� or �Upload to YouTube and show everyone�. This video social network has entered our life so firmly that it�s possible that everyone already wants to have a page there. In this article we will talk about how to register in YouTube and what you need for this.

Google and YouTube

Since YouTube is a Google search engine, the profiles there are all single. �What do I mean,� you ask? And the fact that if you have your own account on Google+ social network, gmail mail, Google Drive file hosting (which was formerly called Google Docs) and other services of this company, then you already have a YouTube account! In order to enter it, you need to go directly to the video hosting site via the youtube.com link and click on the �Enter� button (if you have everything in English, go to the very bottom of the site and choose Russian there).In the page that opens, you need to enter your email, or rather the login that you specified during registration, as well as your password. If everything goes well, then you will find yourself on the main page and you will be able to use this wonderful service.

Registration Instructions

If you do not have an account on Google services and you do not know how to register on YouTube, then let's look into the question. In this process, there is nothing particularly difficult and most likely, it will not make it difficult for you to fill in a pair of fields and, possibly, specifying your mobile phone for safety. Let's look at everything in detail and step by step:

  1. First you need to go to any page on google.com or YouTube itself and click "Login"
  2. In the page that opens, you will be prompted for a login and password, but since we don�t have one, we need to click on the "Register" button, which is located in the upper right corner.
  3. After you have succeeded, Google will first write out how great everything is and he will advertise his services, and next will give a field to fill in.
  4. Fill in all the data and enter the correct code from the image.
  5. Is done.

In order to have a profile on YouTube, you will definitely need a .gmail (google) mailbox.


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