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How to reduce the temperature in the greenhouse when growing tomatoes

With the onset of sustained summer heat, in June-July, in greenhouses, as often happens, the temperature is off the scale and the mark of 35 ° C becomes habitual. It coincides with the flowering of plants. It is during this period that tomatoes badly tied, or even the ovary falls off. Strong heat during the day makes sterile pollen, as a result - a shortage of crop on the flowering racemes, which leads to a significant loss and the total yield in the greenhouse. Airing does not help.

What to do in such cases? Lowering the temperature will help shading the roof, the sides of the greenhouses, especially polycarbonate. For this, white covering garden materials with a low density are suitable, for example, 17 g / m2 spunbond.

Household fans will also provide substantial help on hot days. They are able to significantly reduce the temperature and apply a "draft" for better pollination of colors on the hands.

The best way to grow tomatoes in greenhouses will be the equalization of day and night temperatures on hot days. At 25-28 ° C tomato plants grow well and bear fruit. In order to avoid condensation from the film or polycarbonate, vents, the doors in the ends in hot weather should be kept open even at night. Side windows can provide good help in hot weather. Airing is a prevention against the appearance of any disease on tomatoes, including phytophthora.

To reduce the effect of high temperatures on the set of fruits will help the correct choice of tomatoes for growing them in greenhouses. There are many varieties that are excellent fruit in the heat and do not shed the ovary.

Processing buds with modern preparations Bud, Pollen, Ovary will be useful at this time.


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