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How to reduce the pressure at home

Symptoms of high pressure

The main symptom of high blood pressure is headache (in most cases in the occiput). And it may appear immediately after sleep. In addition, hypertension may be accompanied by insomnia, irritability, a decrease in visual acuity, dizziness, bleeding from the nose, memory impairment, pain in the heart area. A person can begin to feel their own heartbeat. All these moments are more characteristic of advanced hypertensive disease.
In this condition, such as hypertensive crisis, blood pressure rises sharply. It can provoke stresses, excessive exercise, accumulated fatigue.

Reducing pressure at home

Eliminate the signs of hypertension by using apple cider vinegar. A few paper napkins soaked in it should be attached to the feet for 14 minutes.
To reduce the pressure at home, you can use self-made alcohol tinctures. For its preparation will need valerian, hawthorn, motherwort. These components are filled with 40-degree vodka and infused for 2-3 days. When the first signs of high blood pressure appear, take 1 dessert spoon of this tincture diluted with a small amount of drinking water.
Breathing exercises can help reduce pressure. For this you need to sit down, relax, take a deep breath (5-9 seconds) and exhale the same (slowly). These actions should be performed within 3-4 minutes. With the help of gymnastics, you can reduce blood pressure indicators by 20-30 units.
Significantly improve the condition at high pressure using the "Corvalol". In a glass of warm water should be dripped 45 drops of funds and drink the resulting solution in one gulp. After that, you need to lie down for half an hour, and the unpleasant symptoms disappear.

High blood pressure prevention

In order to avoid problems with high pressure, you should try not to abuse alcohol, stop smoking, avoid nightly gatherings (you need to sleep at least 7 hours a day). In addition, you should not experience the drugs that have helped a friend.We must try to eat more fruits, herbs, and foods rich in potassium. Eat regularly. If possible, you should try to lose weight. No need to be nervous about trifles and get hung up on unpleasant moments. If you feel unwell, you must measure the pressure.

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