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How to recover from injury

Rehabilitationafterfractures, injuries, joint prosthetics, operations include a course of restorative manual therapy, physiotherapy, massage, physiotherapy, psychotherapy. It is also necessary to pay special attention to the diet, including in the diet products that contribute to the rapid recovery of the body.
Modern methods of rehabilitation therapy offer at the initial stage of the rehabilitation period passive joint development, or CPM therapy. As you recover, the doctor will prescribe a metered active load.
Physiotherapy procedures help to fully restore blood circulation and activate the processes of regenerative processes in the tissues of damaged joints. Ultrasound, electrostimulation, phonophoresis, magnetic therapy, vibrotherapy, and water massage are widely used. What procedure to appoint the patient, the doctor decides on the basis of the results of the examination, which is always carried outaftercompleting the course of the main treatment.
Passive development, or CPM therapy, is an exercise on special training devices that help to direct, control and dose the load on injured joints. An individual program is created for each patient with a specific speed and amplitude. This allows you to maximize the load and develop the muscles and nerves.afterinjuries.
Physical therapy is prescribed when the initial stage of the rehabilitation period is over. Simulators are used, on which the patient develops injured joints independently, dosing the load in accordance with his capabilities. The modern market of medical equipment offers simulators from therapeutic silicones to walking paths.
Pay special attention to dietafterDoctors advise injuries absolutely not by chance. The diet should be as full as possible with a high content of animal protein. If the patient's body is greatly weakened, it is recommended to use nutritious shakes with a high content of protein.
Full rehabilitation is all the methods used in modern medicine, which contributes to the most rapid recovery.

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