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What to read fb2?

Leonid Veselov
Leonid Veselov
September 26, 2011
What to read fb2?

The question of switching books to electronic media is no longer worth the angle. Not so long ago, a process began that more and more draws in a variety of book editions on the Internet. We live in the era of the Internet and computers. The book, in its usual form, is already fading into the background, since now it is possible to store huge libraries on one tablet or computer. However, it is unlikely that books will completely disappear from the bookshelf in the near future, as many people find some kind of aesthetic pleasure and pleasure from holding a book in their hands. Let's talk about how you can read the popular format fb2. So:

What to read fb2?

CoolReader program. Currently, on the Internet you can find two versions of the program - CoolReader2 and CoolReader3. The first program is no longer produced. It is suitable only for Windows operating systems. CoolReader3 runs on Windows, Linux, Mas OS. This program is equipped with the latest developments in the field of reading books and works with formats such as fb2, txt and rtf. The program quickly and correctly formats files and their extensions. Also, the program has a client for the Symbian mobile operating system.Thus, you can use your smartphone to read your favorite works. This program has a simple and intuitive interface and does not require installation. You just need to specify this program in the file properties. All files of the same extension will open in CoolReader.

Here is a list of lesser-known programs that allow you to work with fb2 files:

  • FBReader - a program designed to read books in electronic format. The program is distributed freely.
  • ICE Book Reader Pro - this powerful program allows you to work with text files of various formats. A great solution for the avid lover to read from the monitor. Here, than to read fb2.
  • Any2FB2 - this utility is designed to convert to FB2 format.
  • Fiction Book Editor - with the help of this utility you can edit books in FB2 format.
  • Book Disigner - want to create your own book in FB2 format? Then this program is for you. You can easily create or edit any book in FB2 format.
  • AlReader is a universal utility for reading books both on a computer and a laptop. Everything you need to read text documents of any format is contained in this program.

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